Santali Baby Girl Names with Meaning

Santali Baby Girl Names

Santali Baby names are viewed as various and extraordinary in light of the fact that they have a place with the Santali people group, a native gathering dwelling in different pieces of India, including Jharkhand, West Bengal, Odisha, and Assam. Santali individuals have their own particular language, culture, and customs, which are reflected in their naming practices.

Santali names frequently have profound implications and are associated with the Santali people group's social and otherworldly convictions. They might get from components like nature, creatures, plants, divine bodies, ethics, individual characteristics, or authentic occasions. These names convey a feeling of character, social legacy, and association with the Santali nation's familial roots.

The uniqueness of Santali names lies in their peculiarity and their association with the Santali people group's rich social legacy. They are a method for saving and pass on the clan's practices, values, and customs starting with one age then onto the next. Santali names additionally address the different and dynamic nature of the local area.

Picking a Santali name for a child isn't just about giving them a singular character yet in addition respecting and praising the Santali culture and legacy. It is a method for keeping a feeling of satisfaction and association with their local area and guarantee the conservation of their social heritage.

Santali Cool Baby Girl Names Starting with A

· Aanya: Graceful; beautiful

· Aashi: Smile; joy

· Anika: Grace; brilliance

· Aruna: Dawn; redness of the rising sun

· Aditi: Boundless; limitless

· Amara: Immortal; everlasting

· Anaya: Caring; compassionate

· Asha: Hope; desire

· Aparna: Goddess Parvati; leafless

· Aisha: Alive; prosperous

· Anjali: Offering; tribute

· Amrita: Nectar; immortality

· Ankita: Marked; adorned

· Akanksha: Desire; aspiration

· Adrika: Celestial; mountain

· Anushka: Graceful; beautiful

· Aradhya: Worshipped; revered

· Anisha: Unblemished; pure

· Aarohi: Musical; melodious

· Adya: First; initial

· Amrita: Nectar; divine elixir

· Anika: Sweet-faced; graceful

· Aparajita: Undefeated; unconquerable

· Arya: Noble; honorable

· Adwitiya: Unique; unparalleled

· Aishwarya: Prosperity; wealth

· Anushree: Beautiful; attractive

· Amisha: Truthful; honest

· Avni: Earth; mother nature

· Anamika: Ring finger; without a name

· Aria: Melody; song

· Ahana: Inner light; dawn

· Aishani: Goddess Durga; consort of Lord Shiva

· Ananya: Unique; without a second

· Ashna: Beloved; devoted

Santali Cool Baby Girl Names Starting with B

· Barsha: Rain; monsoon

· Bhagyashree: Goddess of fortune; lucky

· Bimala: Pure; clean

· Banita: Woman; lady

· Basanti: Spring; yellow color

· Bhavna: Feelings; emotions

· Bina: Musical instrument; melody

· Bhakti: Devotion; worship

· Bijoya: Victory; success

· Bhairavi: Goddess Durga; musical raga

· Bishakha: Star; a constellation

· Bindiya: Decoration on the forehead; dot

· Brinda: Tulsi (holy basil) plant; goddess of love

· Bimalika: Pure; clean

· Bannya: Song; music

· Bhavana: Meditation; contemplation

· Bishnu: Goddess of wealth; prosperity

· Bishuda: Understanding; knowledge

· Biplabi: Revolutionary; rebel

· Bhasha: Language; speech

· Bina: Wisdom; knowledge

· Bishakta: Gifted; talented

· Bulbuli: Nightingale; melodious

· Bithika: Raindrops; musical notes

· Bonita: Pretty; beautiful

· Bratati: Ritual; vow

· Bimalina: Pure; clean

· Bristi: Rain; shower

· Bulbul: Nightingale; melodious bird

· Baruni: Goddess Durga; goddess of rain

· Baisakhi: Name of a month; harvest festival

· Bhanumati: Full of splendor; beautiful

· Bratati: Dedicated; committed

· Bishnupriya: Devotee of Lord Vishnu

· Bitasta: Sunbeam; ray of sunlight

Santali Cool Baby Girl Names Starting with C

· Chandana: Sandalwood; pleasing scent

· Chaitali: Born in the month of Chaitra; spring

· Chhaya: Shadow; reflection

· Chandra: Moon; shining

· Chandrika: Moonlight; beautiful like the moon

· Charu: Beautiful; attractive

· Chhavi: Image; reflection

· Champa: Flower; frangipani

· Chitrangada: Beautifully colored; name of Arjuna's wife

· Chhabi: Picture; image

· Chandni: Moonlight; shining

· Chhaya: Shadow; shade

· Chakori: Bird enchanted by the moon; a mythical bird

· Chhavi: Reflection; appearance

· Charvi: Beautiful; charming

· Chandrabali: Moonlight; beautiful

· Chitrita: Colored; picturesque

· Chandrima: Moonbeam; moonlight

· Chhanda: Poetry; rhythm

· Chitralekha: Beautiful picture; painter

· Chumki: Sparkle; small star

· Chandrakala: Moonbeam; crescent moon

· Chhavi: Reflection; image

· Charita: Virtuous; good character

· Chaitra: A month in the Hindu calendar; spring

· Chitrani: River Ganges; artistic

· Chandrani: Queen of the moon; wife of the moon god

· Chirantana: Eternal; timeless

· Chiranjivi: Immortal; everlasting

· Chandraprabha: Moonlight; radiance of the moon

· Chhavvi: Beauty; appearance

· Chitrani: River Ganges; artistic

· Chandrabhaga: River Chenab; moonlight

· Chitrakshi: Beautiful eyes; one with expressive eyes

· Chaitanya: Consciousness; awareness

Santali Cool Baby Girl Names Starting with D

· Devi: Goddess; divine

· Dipa: Lamp; light

· Dhara: Earth; flow

· Damayanti: Beautiful; wife of Nala in Hindu mythology

· Deepika: Lamp; light

· Darshana: Vision; seeing

· Durga: Goddess Durga; invincible

· Doli: Palanquin; bridal procession

· Divya: Divine; heavenly

· Dayita: Beloved; dear one

· Disha: Direction; path

· Diya: Lamp; light

· Dipali: Row of lamps; festival of lights

· Devika: Little goddess; mother of gods

· Darpana: Mirror; reflection

· Dharini: Earth; supportive

· Dristi: Vision; sight

· Deepali: Row of lamps; festival of lights

· Daksha: Skillful; talented

· Dina: Day; daily

· Dhriti: Patience; steadfastness

· Devika: Goddess; divine

· Dulari: Beloved; dear one

· Disha: Direction; guidance

· Durga: Goddess Durga; invincible

· Damini: Lightning; strong and powerful

· Devyani: Goddess; companion of the gods

· Dharini: Earth; supportive

· Dipika: Lamp; light

· Debanjali: Offering to the gods

· Darshini: One who sees; observer

· Dimpal: Twinkling; attractive

· Disha: Orientation; direction

· Divisha: Divine; heavenly

· Dhanya: Grateful; fortunate

Santali Cool Baby Girl Names Starting with E

· Ekta: Unity; oneness

· Elina: Intelligent; bright

· Esha: Desire; wish

· Eshani: Goddess Parvati; consort of Lord Shiva

· Eshika: Arrow; dart

· Ekisha: One goddess; unique

· Ekaa: Unique; solitary

· Eila: Earth; the world

· Ekisha: One goddess; unique

· Eshwari: Goddess; queen

· Edhitha: Progress; development

· Eshita: Desired; wished

· Ela: Earth; cardamom tree

· Eeshita: One who desires; beloved

· Ekisha: Unique; one of a kind

· Ekta: Unity; harmony

· Ekaparana: Solemn vow; one meal

· Eshitha: Beloved; desired

· Eshana: Desire; longing

· Elora: Light; sunray

· Eashita: Wished; desired

· Eila: The earth; cardamom tree

· Ekaja: Only child; single-born

· Ekadashi: Eleventh lunar day

· Eshani: Goddess Parvati; wife of Lord Shiva

· Ekatvika: Unity; oneness

· Ena: Mirror; reflection

· Eeshana: Desire; ambition

· Elina: Intelligent; bright

· Ekaansha: Exclusive; unique

· Eshika: Dart; arrow

· Ekaparnika: One leaf; a type of medicinal herb

· Eshitha: Desired; wished for

· Ekantika: Devoted; solitary

· Elakshi: Woman with bright eyes

Santali Cool Baby Girl Names Starting with G

· Ganga: The sacred river Ganges

· Geetika: Little song; melody

· Gulabi: Pink; rose-like

· Gauri: Goddess Parvati; fair complexioned

· Gayatri: Sacred mantra; goddess of knowledge

· Gita: Song; sacred text

· Gargi: Ancient scholar; learned woman

· Gangotri: Source of the river Ganges

· Grishma: Summer; warm season

· Gitanjali: Offering of songs; collection of poems

· Gandhali: Fragrance; sweet smell

· Garima: Dignity; grace

· Ghazala: Gazelle; graceful

· Gopika: Cowherd girl; Lord Krishna's devotee

· Gitika: Small song; melodious

· Gitali: Melodious; musical

· Gunjan: Humming of a bee; buzzing

· Gajal: Poetry; melodious verse

· Gauravi: Respect; honor

· Gaura: Fair; white; goddess Parvati

· Gulmohar: Flame tree; royal poinciana

· Gurleen: Guru's devotee; absorbed in the Guru's love

· Garvita: Proud; filled with pride

· Gitashri: The Bhagavad Gita; sacred text

· Gajendra: Elephant king; powerful like an elephant

· Gunjita: Hummed; buzzing

· Gaurika: Young; youthful

· Gomati: Sacred river; name of a river in India

· Gaurangi: Fair complexioned; golden-limbed

· Gaurisha: Goddess Parvati; wife of Lord Shiva

· Girija: Daughter of the mountain; goddess Parvati

· Gangika: River Ganges; flowing water

· Gitalika: Little song; melodic

· Gagan: Sky; heaven

· Gunika: Virtuous; talented

Santali Cool Baby Girl Names Starting with H

· Haimi: Golden; golden-colored

· Harini: Deer; graceful like a deer

· Hasina: Beautiful; graceful

· Hemalata: Golden creeper; golden vine

· Hita: Goodness; welfare

· Harshita: Happiness; joyous

· Hiral: Lustrous; radiant

· Hina: Fragrance; myrtle flower

· Hamsini: Swan-like; graceful

· Haimavati: Goddess Parvati; daughter of the Himalayas

· Hridya: Heart; lovable

· Harita: Green; nature

· Hemangi: Golden body; golden-limbed

· Hima: Snow; cool

· Hansika: Swan; beautiful like a swan

· Hitha: Well-wisher; benevolent

· Harshi: Happy; cheerful

· Hemanti: Winter; early winter season

· Harshini: Cheerful; joyful

· Himani: Goddess Parvati; snow-like

· Hiranmayi: Made of gold; golden

· Heta: Love; affection

· Hradini: Light rain; misty

· Hitaishi: Well-wisher; friend

· Hiranya: Gold; golden

· Havya: Worshiped; offered as a sacrifice

· Hema: Golden; golden-colored

· Havya: Offered as an oblation; sacred

· Hemina: Golden; made of gold

· Haridra: Turmeric; yellow color

· Hetal: Friendly; cheerful

· Hrida: Pure; compassionate

· Hima: Snow; coolness

· Hiranmayee: Golden; made of gold

· Hrudaya: Heart; innermost feelings

Santali Cool Baby Girl Names Starting with I

· Ipsita: Desired; cherished

· Isha: Goddess; divine

· Ishita: Desired; superior

· Indira: Beautiful; splendid

· Indrani: Wife of Lord Indra; queen of the gods

· Ira: Earth; goddess Saraswati

· Ishika: Arrow; dart

· Ila: Earth; daughter of Manu

· Inaya: Concern; solicitude

· Ishwari: Goddess; divine

· Ishana: Goddess Durga; ruling

· Ishita: Mastery; greatness

· Indrakshi: One with beautiful eyes like Lord Indra

· Indulekha: Moonlight; moon's lustre

· Ishwarya: Prosperity; wealth

· Ishal: Desire; wish

· Ishwari: Goddess; supreme ruler

· Indrani: Consort of Lord Indra; queen of gods

· Iba: Pride; sense of self

· Ishta: Desired; beloved

· Ishani: Goddess Parvati; wife of Lord Shiva

· Inika: Small earth; little one

· Induja: Daughter of Indra; born of Indra

· Ilisha: Queen of the Earth; ruler

· Ishana: Goddess Durga; ruler

· Iman: Faith; belief

· Irita: Desired; cherished

· Indrakshi: One with beautiful eyes like Lord Indra

· Indira: Splendid; beauty

· Ishita: Mastery; greatness

· Iyla: Moonlight; moon halo

· Iman: Faith; trust

· Inaya: Concern; care

· Iha: Desire; yearning

· Ishwari: Goddess; divine ruler

Santali Cool Baby Girl Names Starting with J

· Jhuma: Glimmering; sparkling

· Jyoti: Light; radiance

· Jaya: Victory; triumph

· Jharna: Waterfall; spring

· Jhumki: Traditional earring; bell-shaped ornament

· Jagruti: Awareness; awakening

· Jyotsna: Moonlight; moonbeam

· Jeevika: Life; livelihood

· Jhinuk: Shell; conch

· Jhilik: Sparkling; shimmering

· Jahanvi: Ganga river; daughter of the Earth

· Jharna: Waterfall; cascade

· Jivika: Source of life; vital force

· Jhumur: Melodious; rhythmic dance

· Jhalak: Glimpse; glimpse of something

· Jyotsana: Radiant; like a flame

· Jina: Life; soul

· Jhumpa: Leap; jump

· Jivana: Life; existence

· Jwala: Flame; fire

· Jyestha: Eldest; senior

· Jaba: Hibiscus flower; daughter of the wind

· Jui: Jasmine flower; fragrant flower

· Jivya: Life; soul

· Jharana: Waterfall; cascade

· Jhalak: Glimpse; sight

· Jaya: Victory; success

· Jina: Life; soul

· Jhumpa: Jump; leap

· Jyotsika: Light; radiant

· Jhansi: Courageous; brave

· Jagriti: Awareness; awakening

· Jivanti: Life; living

· Jhilik: Sparkling; shimmering

· Jyestha: Elder; superior

Santali Cool Baby Girl Names Starting with K

· Kamala: Lotus; goddess Lakshmi

· Kanak: Gold; golden

· Kajal: Kohl; eyeliner

· Kavya: Poetry; poetic

· Kalpana: Imagination; creativity

· Kalyani: Auspicious; blessed

· Kirti: Fame; glory

· Kashvi: Shining; radiant

· Karuna: Compassion; mercy

· Kavita: Poem; poetry

· Kusum: Flower; blossom

· Kavya: Poem; poetic

· Kalyani: Auspicious; blessed

· Kavita: Poetry; verse

· Kavitha: Poem; poetry

· Kanika: Small particle; grain

· Kripa: Grace; mercy

· Kajol: Kohl; eyeliner

· Kirthi: Fame; glory

· Kishori: Young girl; adolescent

· Kavya: Poetic; poetic expression

· Kajari: Dark cloud; a raga in Indian classical music

· Kamini: Beautiful woman; desired one

· Kaushiki: Goddess Durga; fragrant

· Kumkum: Vermilion; sacred powder

· Kavyashree: Beautiful poetry; poetic beauty

· Kavithri: Poem; poetry

· Kadambari: Goddess Saraswati; a literary work

· Kripalini: Merciful; compassionate

· Kaveri: Name of a river; sacred river in India

· Kavyanjali: Offering of poetry; poetic tribute

· Kajri: Dark cloud; a raga in Indian classical music

· Kusumika: Adorned with flowers; flower-like

· Kripalika: Compassionate; merciful

· Kamalika: Lotus-like; resembling a lotus

Santali Cool Baby Girl Names Starting with L

· Lila: Divine play; beauty

· Lakshmi: Goddess of wealth and prosperity

· Lata: Creeper; vine

· Lalita: Beautiful; playful

· Leela: Divine play; divine drama

· Lavanya: Grace; beauty

· Laboni: Graceful; elegant

· Latika: Small creeper; delicate

· Lopamudra: Name of a sage; wife of Sage Agastya

· Lajja: Modesty; shyness

· Lekha: Writing; document

· Lumbini: Birthplace of Lord Buddha

· Lochana: Bright eyes; eye-catching

· Leela: Playful; divine drama

· Lalana: Beautiful woman; charming

· Lipika: Writing; handwriting

· Laxmi: Goddess of wealth and prosperity

· Lokeshwari: Goddess of the world; ruler of the universe

· Lata: Vine; creeper

· Laxmi: Goddess of prosperity and wealth

· Lipi: Script; writing

· Lila: Divine play; cosmic dance

· Lalima: Redness; beauty

· Lopamudra: Learned woman; wife of Sage Agastya

· Lipika: Writer; scribe

· Leela: Play; divine drama

· Lalasa: Desire; longing

· Lachmi: Goddess of wealth and prosperity

· Latika: Small creeper; delicate

· Lolita: Playful; charming

· Leelavati: Divine play; graceful woman

· Lagna: Auspicious time; marriage

· Lajwanti: Modest; shy

· Lila: Divine play; cosmic drama

· Laasya: Graceful; gentle dance form

Santali Cool Baby Girl Names Starting with M

· Mita: Friend; companion

· Malati: Jasmine flower; fragrant flower

· Minu: A gem; precious stone

· Mohini: Enchanting; charming

· Manisha: Intellect; wisdom

· Madhuri: Sweetness; beauty

· Maya: Illusion; magic

· Meghna: Cloud; river

· Mahika: Dew drops; earth

· Mala: Garland; necklace

· Mitali: Friendly; affable

· Mrinali: Lotus stem; delicate

· Mukti: Liberation; freedom

· Malini: Fragrant; jasmine

· Madhu: Sweet; honey

· Meena: Fish; precious stone

· Mridula: Gentle; soft

· Mohana: Charming; fascinating

· Monisha: Intelligent; thoughtful

· Meera: Devotee of Lord Krishna; beloved

· Mohita: Attracted; fascinated

· Mousumi: Beauty; beautiful like a pearl

· Madhavi: Springtime; creeper

· Mina: Fish; precious stone

· Manali: Heavenly; bird

· Mahima: Greatness; glory

· Malaya: Fragrant; sandalwood

· Mithila: Kingdom; a historical region

· Meenakshi: Fish-eyed; goddess Parvati

· Mira: Admirable; beloved

· Mahi: Greatness; earth

· Mohita: Attracted; charmed

· Muskan: Smile; happiness

· Manjari: Bunch; cluster

· Mahua: Fragrant flower; tree with sweet flowers

Santali Cool Baby Girl Names Starting with N

· Nirmala: Pure; clean

· Nisha: Night; darkness

· Nandini: Delightful; pleasing

· Nilima: Blue; sapphire

· Neha: Love; affection

· Namita: Humble; modest

· Naina: Eyes; beautiful eyes

· Nandita: Happy; joyful

· Nisha: Night; dark beauty

· Niharika: Dew drops; nebula

· Neelam: Sapphire; gemstone

· Nupur: Anklet; musical anklet

· Nandana: Daughter; delightful

· Nalini: Lotus; beautiful

· Nidhi: Treasure; wealth

· Neeta: Ethical; upright

· Nirali: Unique; unparalleled

· Nitya: Eternal; constant

· Nikita: Victorious; unconquerable

· Nishi: Night; twilight

· Naina: Eyes; beautiful eyes

· Nivedita: Surrendered; dedicated

· Neerja: Lotus; pure

· Niharika: Dew drops; misty

· Nidra: Sleep; slumber

· Nilanjana: Blue-eyed; black-eyed

· Nitya: Eternal; everlasting

· Niharika: Nebula; misty

· Nikita: Victorious; conqueror

· Nandita: Happy; joyful

· Naina: Eyes; beautiful eyes

· Nirupama: Unique; unparalleled

· Neelima: Sapphire; blue color

· Nilakshi: Blue-eyed; with blue eyes

· Nishtha: Devotion; dedication

Santali Cool Baby Girl Names Starting with O

· Oli: Brightness; light

· Ongna: Grace; blessing

· Onjali: Charming; captivating

· Ora: Moon; light

· Omita: Calm; peaceful

· Oyli: Beautiful; charming

· Ojita: Shining; radiant

· Okuli: Star; twinkle

· Orna: Light; brightness

· Omila: Gentle; soft

Santali Cool Baby Girl Names Starting with P

· Padmini: Lotus; beautiful woman

· Parul: Graceful; name of a flower

· Prisha: Beloved; loving; talent

· Preeti: Love; affection

· Pari: Fairy; angel

· Palak: Eyelash; eyelid

· Purnima: Full moon; completeness

· Pragati: Progress; development

· Punam: Full moon; night of the full moon

· Pratiksha: Waiting; anticipation

· Payal: Anklet; musical anklet

· Pratima: Idol; image

· Pihu: Chirping sound; a sweet name for a baby

· Puja: Worship; offering

· Prisha: Talent; beloved

· Parvati: Goddess Durga; wife of Lord Shiva

· Puspa: Flower; blossom

· Prity: Love; affection

· Padmini: Lotus; beautiful woman

· Padma: Lotus; goddess Lakshmi

· Priti: Love; affection

· Pallavi: New leaves; musical note

· Pooja: Worship; prayer

· Prachi: Morning; east

· Paramita: Wisdom; perfection

· Palomi: Dove; a gentle bird

· Pratibha: Talent; intelligence

· Pushti: Nourishment; strength

· Poonam: Full moon; night of the full moon

· Pragya: Wisdom; knowledge

· Pratima: Image; idol

· Pankhuri: Petal; leaf-like

· Prapti: Achievement; attainment

· Padmaja: Born from lotus; goddess Lakshmi

· Punya: Virtuous; holy

Santali Cool Baby Girl Names Starting with R

· Rina: Joy; singing

· Rima: White antelope; goddess Durga

· Rupali: Beautiful; pretty

· Riddhi: Prosperity; good fortune

· Rashmi: Sunlight; ray of light

· Rani: Queen; noblewoman

· Ritu: Season; period

· Roshni: Light; brightness

· Rekha: Line; streak

· Ritu: Season; time

· Reema: Goddess Durga; white antelope

· Rina: Surprising; joyful

· Rohini: Reddish-brown; name of a star

· Rima: White antelope; goddess Durga

· Roshni: Light; radiance

· Renu: Atom; molecule

· Ruchi: Taste; interest

· Roshika: Bright; shining

· Reeti: Tradition; etiquette

· Ria: Singer; melodious

· Reshma: Silk; golden silk

· Rani: Queen; noblewoman

· Rajani: Night; dark beauty

· Roshika: Bright; radiant

· Rupsha: Beautiful; lovely

· Rachana: Creation; creation of God

· Rishika: Saintly; saint-like

· Rikta: Clever; intelligent

· Ruma: Wife of Sugriva; Queen of the monkeys

· Ramita: Pleasing; enchanting

· Rishika: Saintly; virtuous

· Rupsha: Beautiful; pretty

· Roopa: Beautiful; appearance

· Renuka: Mother of Lord Parashurama

· Rituja: Born in a particular season

Santali Cool Baby Girl Names Starting with S

· Soma: Moon; nectar

· Sanjukta: Union; connected

· Sushmita: Beautiful smile; graceful

· Shreya: Auspicious; fortunate

· Sneha: Affection; love

· Sabita: Morning; radiant

· Sanchita: Collection; gathered

· Swara: Melody; musical note

· Soma: Moon; nectar

· Sona: Gold; precious

· Shila: Rock; stone

· Sujata: Well-born; virtuous

· Sulagna: Beautiful; lovely

· Sunita: Well-behaved; disciplined

· Sabitri: Name of a goddess; sacred

· Sikha: Flame; peak

· Sonali: Golden; beautiful

· Suravi: Beautiful sun; musical notes

· Sagarika: Wave; ocean waves

· Sudha: Nectar; sweetness

· Srabani: Name of a month; rain

· Soma: Moon; nectar

· Swati: Name of a star; purity

· Swarna: Gold; precious

· Sanchita: Collected; gathered

· Shikha: Flame; peak

· Sharanya: Surrendered; protected

· Sharmila: Modest; shy

· Supriya: Beloved; pleasing

· Srishti: Creation; universe

· Sagarika: Wave; ocean waves

· Swara: Melody; musical note

· Suhani: Beautiful; pleasant

· Shilpi: Sculptor; artist

· Sabina: Beautiful; graceful

Santali Cool Baby Girl Names Starting with T

· Tanaya: Daughter

· Trisha: Wish; desire

· Tulika: Brush; paintbrush

· Tripti: Satisfaction; contentment

· Tanya: Fairy queen; priceless

· Tithi: Date; auspicious day

· Tamanna: Desire; wish

· Tista: Name of a river; tributary of the Ganges

· Trina: Grass; blade of grass

· Tuli: Quiet; calm

· Tithi: Date; lunar day

· Tanisha: Ambition; desire

· Tanvi: Beautiful; delicate

· Trisha: Thirst; desire

· Tulsi: Holy basil; sacred plant

· Tarini: Goddess Durga; savior

· Triya: Young woman; maiden

· Tista: Cool; fresh

· Taniya: Fairy queen; princess

· Tanvi: Delicate; slender

· Trishna: Thirst; desire

· Toshika: Satisfied; contented

· Tanaya: Daughter; born of the body

· Tiya: Bird; parrot

· Tithika: Ray of light; spark

· Tamanna: Desire; aspiration

· Trishika: Trident; three-pointed

· Tusti: Satisfaction; contentment

· Tanushri: Beautiful; graceful

· Tilottama: Beautiful; celestial maiden

· Tisha: Joy; happiness

· Trina: Grass; delicate

· Tejal: Radiant; glowing

· Taruni: Young girl; youthful

· Tania: Fairy queen; princess

Santali Cool Baby Girl Names Starting with U

· Usha: Dawn; morning

· Uma: Goddess Parvati; mother goddess

· Urmila: Enchantress; wife of Lord Lakshmana

· Urmi: Wave; joyous

· Urmiya: Wave; joyous

· Ujjwala: Bright; luminous

· Utpala: Lotus; water lily

· Urmika: Small wave; joyous

· Urna: Covering; veil

· Upasana: Worship; devotion

· Upama: Comparison; analogy

· Ushashi: Morning; dawn

· Ulka: Meteor; shooting star

· Unnati: Progress; growth

· Ukti: Statement; expression

· Urbi: City; town

· Uttara: North; daughter of King Virata

· Ushasri: Beautiful like dawn

· Udita: Rising; elevated

· Uma: Goddess Parvati; mother goddess

· Utpalini: Water lily; lotus

· Urshita: Excited; happy

· Urjita: Energized; enthusiastic

· Udyati: Rising; elevated

· Urmila: Enchantress; wife of Lord Lakshmana

· Urmi: Wave; joyous

· Urva: Wide; broad

· Uktika: Statement; expression

· Udgita: Praise; chant

· Ujasvi: Bright; radiant

· Utpatti: Creation; origin

· Uma: Bright; mother goddess

· Urvi: Earth; land

· Unnati: Progress; development

· Utpalika: Water lily; lotus bud

Santali Cool Baby Girl Names Starting with V

· Veda: Knowledge; wisdom

· Varsha: Rain; shower

· Vasudha: Earth; mother earth

· Vrinda: Holy basil; radha

· Vani: Speech; goddess Saraswati

· Vidya: Knowledge; wisdom

· Varna: Color; caste

· Veda: Sacred knowledge; scripture

· Vandana: Worship; homage

· Vrishti: Rainfall; shower

· Vinita: Humble; modest

· Vasanti: Spring; yellowish

· Vriddhi: Growth; increase

· Varuna: Goddess of the sea; wife of Varuna

· Vrindavi: Sacred grove of Vrindavan

· Vidyut: Lightning; electricity

· Vithika: Pathway; passage

· Varna: Color; caste

· Veena: Musical instrument; lute

· Vahini: Flowing water; stream

· Vidushi: Knowledgeable; learned

· Vibha: Radiance; brightness

· Vimala: Pure; clean

· Vasavi: Belonging to Vasava; goddess Parvati

· Veena: Melody; musical instrument

· Varali: Moonlight; beautiful

· Vrisha: Cow; Taurus zodiac sign

· Vaishali: An ancient city; great; eminent

· Vibhuti: Sacred ash; divine beauty

· Varada: Granter of boons; generous

· Varsha: Rain; monsoon

· Vismaya: Amazement; wonder

· Vrunda: Holy basil; radha

· Vara: Blessing; boon

· Vrisa: Cow; Taurus zodiac sign

Santali Cool Baby Girl Names Starting with Y

· Yamini: Night; nocturnal

· Yashoda: Famous; successful

· Yuvika: Young woman; princess

· Yukta: United; engaged

· Yogita: One who practices yoga; disciplined

· Yami: Goddess of light and wisdom

· Yusra: Prosperity; ease

· Yashika: Success; fame

· Yojana: Plan; strategy

· Yutika: Jasmine flower; pearl

· Yashvi: Fame; glorious

· Yuvati: Young woman; maiden

· Yashmita: Successful; victorious

· Yamuna: Sacred river in India

· Yashaswini: Successful; glorious

· Yuktika: Pearl; small union

· Yami: Night; dark

· Yashika: Success; victory

· Yashna: Prayer; worship

· Yogini: Female practitioner of yoga

· Yuvika: Young woman; princess

· Yutika: Jasmine flower; pearl

· Yashmita: Successful; victorious

· Yamuna: Holy river; daughter of the sun god

· Yashoda: Famous; successful

· Yashmita: Successful; glorious

· Yalini: Melodious; musical

· Yuvati: Young woman; maiden

· Yuthika: Jasmine flower; pearl

· Yukti: Strategy; plan

· Yashna: Hope; desire

· Yogita: One who practices yoga; disciplined

· Yashaswini: Glorious; successful

· Yusra: Prosperity; ease

· Yutika: Jasmine flower; small pearl

Santali Cool Baby Girl Names Starting with Z

· Zarina: Golden; princess

· Zara: Blossom; flower

· Zoya: Life; alive

· Zinia: Beautiful flower; marigold

· Zara: Radiance; shining

· Zuri: Beautiful; lovely

· Ziya: Light; glow

· Zuriya: Radiant; shining

· Zarna: Gold

· Zaina: Beautiful; lovely

· Zoya: Alive; full of life

· Zina: Ornament; decoration

· Zoya: Shining; radiant

· Zinia: Flower; marigold

· Zarina: Princess; golden

· Zuri: Beautiful; enchanting

· Zara: Blossom; flower

· Zoya: Life; vitality

· Zuriya: Radiant; luminous

· Zarna: Golden

· Zaina: Beautiful; graceful

· Zoya: Alive; vibrant

· Zina: Adornment; decoration

· Zoya: Radiance; brilliance

· Zinia: Beautiful flower; marigold

· Zarina: Princess; queen

· Zuri: Lovely; charming

· Zara: Blossom; bloom

· Zoya: Life; vitality

· Zuriya: Radiant; glowing

· Zarna: Golden; golden color

· Zaina: Beautiful; graceful

· Zoya: Shining; sparkling

· Zinia: Flower; marigold

· Zarina: Golden

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