Santali Baby Boy Names with Meaning

Santali Baby Boy Names

Santali Baby names are viewed as various and extraordinary in light of the fact that they have a place with the Santali people group, a native gathering dwelling in different pieces of India, including Jharkhand, West Bengal, Odisha, and Assam. Santali individuals have their own particular language, culture, and customs, which are reflected in their naming practices.

Santali names frequently have profound implications and are associated with the Santali people group's social and otherworldly convictions. They might get from components like nature, creatures, plants, divine bodies, ethics, individual characteristics, or authentic occasions. These names convey a feeling of character, social legacy, and association with the Santali nation's familial roots.

The uniqueness of Santali names lies in their peculiarity and their association with the Santali people group's rich social legacy. They are a method for saving and pass on the clan's practices, values, and customs starting with one age then onto the next. Santali names additionally address the different and dynamic nature of the local area.

Picking a Santali name for a child isn't just about giving them a singular character yet in addition respecting and praising the Santali culture and legacy. It is a method for keeping a feeling of satisfaction and association with their local area and guarantee the conservation of their social heritage.

Santali Cool Baby Boy Names Starting with A

· Achut: Immortal

· Aayan: Gift of God

· Adi: First; beginning

· Aghor: Fearless

· Akash: Sky

· Amal: Hope

· Ambar: Sky

· Amit: Infinite; boundless

· Anant: Infinite

· Aniket: Lord of the world

· Anil: Wind

· Arun: Dawn

· Ashis: Blessing

· Asit: Dark; black

· Ayan: Path; road

· Ayush: Long life

· Anik: Lord Krishna

· Atul: Matchless

· Avinash: Indestructible

· Alok: Light

· Arnav: Ocean

· Arvind: Lotus

· Ashok: Without sorrow; happy

· Abhinav: New; innovative

· Arjun: Bright; shining

· Atanu: Cupid; the bow of Cupid

· Anupam: Incomparable

· Aditya: Sun

· Amrit: Immortal nectar

· Arindam: Destroyer of enemies

· Arpan: Offering

· Arvindan: The lotus

· Ashokan: King Ashoka

· Atish: Fire

· Ayanjit: One who has conquered the world

Santali Cool Baby Boy Names Starting with B

· Baha: Priceless

· Baidyanath: Lord Shiva

· Balaram: Brother of Lord Krishna

· Basant: Spring

· Basu: Wealthy

· Bimal: Pure

· Binod: Joyous; happy

· Bipul: Abundance

· Biram: Brave

· Biswas: Trust; faith

· Bodhan: Awakening

· Boro: Big; great

· Brajesh: Lord of Braj land (Lord Krishna)

· Buddhadev: God of wisdom (Lord Buddha)

· Birendra: King of warriors

· Brahma: The creator

· Bimalendu: Pure moon

· Bivash: Enlightened

· Bhuban: World

· Bhupati: King of the Earth

· Bhushan: Ornament; decoration

· Bishnu: Lord Vishnu

· Biren: Lord of warriors

· Bishal: Huge; vast

· Bijoy: Victory

· Bijit: Victorious

· Bhadra: Auspicious

· Bikash: Development; progress

· Bimalananda: Pure joy

· Brajendra: Lord of Braj land (Lord Krishna)

· Brindavan: Lord Krishna's place

· Birenjit: Conqueror of warriors

· Bikram: Powerful; brave

· Budhanath: Lord Buddha

· Basudev: Lord Krishna

Santali Cool Baby Boy Names Starting with C

· Chaitanya: Consciousness; life

· Chandan: Sandalwood

· Chandrajit: One who has conquered the moon

· Charan: Feet; humble

· Chiranjeev: Immortal being

· Chitranjan: Inner joy; delight

· Cholan: A king

· Choudhury: Leader; headman

· Chetan: Consciousness; soul

· Chintan: Meditation; reflection

· Chirag: Lamp; light

· Chitrabhanu: Firefly

· Chitresh: Lord of the soul

· Chanchal: Restless; playful

· Chakresh: Lord Vishnu

· Chandrakant: Beloved by the moon

· Chintamani: Philosopher's stone; wish-fulfilling jewel

· Chirantan: Eternal

· Chaturbhuj: Lord Vishnu

· Chiman: Curious; intelligent

· Chaman: Garden

· Chaitra: A Hindu month

· Chhagan: Sprout; young boy

· Chaitan: Perceptive; intelligent

· Chitranjan: Inner joy; delight

· Chirayu: Immortal

· Chakor: A bird enamored of the moon

· Charit: Good conduct; character

· Chittaranjan: Pleasing; delightful

· Chitral: Picture; painting

· Charudatta: Beautifully endowed

· Chetanpreet: Love for consciousness

· Chaturvedi: Knower of all four Vedas

· Chetak: A legendary horse

· Charuvrat: Possessing good character

Santali Cool Baby Boy Names Starting with D

· Damodar: Lord Krishna

· Debashish: Blessing of God

· Debnath: Lord of the gods

· Debjit: One who has conquered the gods

· Debojit: Victorious god

· Devaj: Born of the gods

· Devang: Part of God

· Devendra: King of the gods; Indra

· Devesh: Lord of the gods

· Dhruv: Firm; steadfast

· Dibyendu: Moonlight

· Dinesh: Sun; lord of the day

· Dipankar: One who lights lamps

· Dipen: Lord of light

· Dipesh: Lord of light

· Divakar: Sun; maker of light

· Divyansh: Divine part; divine appearance

· Dhiraj: Patience; fortitude

· Dhiren: Wise; courageous

· Dilip: Protector of the heart

· Dineshwar: Lord of the day

· Doyel: A kind of bird (Magpie Robin)

· Durgesh: Lord of the fort; Lord Shiva

· Debaditya: God of the sun

· Dhananjay: Arjuna; wealth conqueror

· Dharmendra: King of righteousness

· Dhaval: Pure; white

· Dharani: The Earth

· Dibyangshu: God's light

· Dikshant: Initiation; beginning

· Dola: Swing; pendulum

· Durga: Invincible; Goddess Durga

· Dhirendra: Lord of courage

· Durjoy: Invincible; unconquerable

· Dhritiman: Steadfast; determined

Santali Cool Baby Boy Names Starting with E

· Ekan: The only one

· Eashan: Lord Shiva

· Eeshwar: God; Lord

· Ekansh: Whole; complete

· Eklavya: Student who learned by watching

· Ekram: Honor; respect

· Elango: Prince; author of the Tamil epic Silappatikaram

· Enakshi: Deer-eyed; beautiful eyes

· Eshwaran: Godly

· Etash: Luminous; brilliant

· Evaraj: Evergreen king

· Eshan: Desiring; seeking

· Eklavyan: Student who learned by watching

· Eeshan: Lord Shiva

· Edhas: Sacred fire

· Ekaj: The only one

· Ekanshu: Sunbeam; one part of the sun

· Emani: Faithful

· Eshwaranand: Bliss of God

· Eshwaranjan: Beloved of God

· Eashwaranand: Bliss of God

· Ekagrah: Focused; attentive

· Ekant: Solitary; alone

· Ekalinga: Lord Shiva

· Elilarasan: King of beauty

· Elumalai: Lord Venkateshwara

· Eshwardutt: Gift of God

· Etash: Luminous; brilliant

· Evrard: Strong as a boar

· Eswar: God

· Ekatma: Unified soul

· Elavarasan: Prince; king of beauty

· Elilarasu: King of beauty

· Eeshwaranjan: Beloved of God

· Emani: Faithful

Santali Cool Baby Boy Names Starting with G

· Gagan: Sky

· Ganesh: Lord Ganesh

· Gaurav: Pride; respect

· Gopal: Lord Krishna

· Govind: Lord Krishna

· Girish: Lord of the mountains; Lord Shiva

· Gulshan: Garden; a place of flowers

· Gunjan: Buzzing of a bee

· Gajendra: King of elephants

· Gourav: Respect; honor

· Giriraj: King of mountains; Lord Krishna

· Gobind: Variant of Govind; Lord Krishna

· Gagandeep: Light of the sky

· Gopalchandra: Lord Krishna

· Gokul: Place where Lord Krishna was brought up

· Gyan: Knowledge; wisdom

· Gauranga: Fair complexioned; Lord Chaitanya

· Gajanan: Elephant-faced; Lord Ganesha

· Gaganpreet: Love for the sky

· Gurdeep: Lamp of the Guru

· Gajadhar: One who carries the elephant (Lord Ganesha)

· Gauranga: Lord Chaitanya

· Gautam: Lord Buddha

· Gopesh: Lord Krishna

· Gyanesh: Lord of knowledge

· Gurbachan: Utterance of the Guru

· Gulzar: Garden; an abundance of flowers

· Gajadhar: Wielder of the elephant (Lord Ganesha)

· Gangadhar: Holder of the river Ganga (Lord Shiva)

· Gopinath: Lord of the Gopis; Lord Krishna

· Gyaneshwar: Lord of knowledge

· Gurdev: Divine teacher; guru

· Gulab: Rose

· Gajkaran: Like an elephant's ear (Lord Ganesha)

· Gomathi: Lord Murugan's mother

Santali Cool Baby Boy Names Starting with H

· Harsh: Happiness; joy

· Himanshu: Moon; cool ray of light

· Hitesh: Lord of goodness

· Harshit: Joyous; delighted

· Hemant: Winter; early winter

· Hari: Lord Vishnu

· Harshad: One who brings happiness

· Hardik: Heartfelt; sincere

· Harshil: Cheerful; joyous

· Hrithik: Intelligent; kind-hearted

· Hrishikesh: Lord Vishnu

· Hridesh: Lord of the heart

· Harish: Lord Shiva

· Hemanth: Winter; early winter

· Harendra: Lord Shiva

· Hemendra: Lord of gold

· Hrithvik: Clever; intelligent

· Hemraj: King of gold

· Harkiran: Ray of God

· Harshvardhan: One who increases joy

· Haroon: Hope; aspiration

· Hanuman: Devotee of Lord Rama

· Harjeet: Victorious

· Hemachandra: Golden moon

· Harshil: Happy; joyful

· Hiran: Gold; deer

· Hardeep: Lamp of God

· Hasmukh: Full of laughter

· Harendra: Lord of the monkeys

· Hemal: Golden

· Harvinder: Lord of blessings

· Harbhajan: Devotee of God

· Harman: Everyone's beloved

· Hriday: Heart

· Harivansh: Belonging to the family of Lord Vishnu

Santali Cool Baby Boy Names Starting with I

· Ishaan: Sun; Lord Shiva

· Indra: King of gods

· Ishwar: God; the supreme being

· Ikshan: Sight; seeing

· Iman: Faith; belief

· Ishan: Lord Shiva; sun

· Ishwaran: Lord of gods

· Ilesh: Lord of the Earth

· Inderjeet: God's triumph

· Ibhan: Elephant

· Ijay: Lord Vishnu

· Idhant: Luminous; glowing

· Irfan: Knowledge; awareness

· Indrajit: Conqueror of Indra

· Ipsit: Desired; sought after

· Ishank: Moon; Lord Shiva

· Imanth: Brave

· Indranil: Sapphire; Lord Shiva

· Ijay: Lord Vishnu

· Iksu: Sweetness; sugarcane

· Ishir: Archer; lord of arrows

· Idhayan: Pleasure; delight

· Ikshu: Sugarcane

· Ilham: Inspiration; revelation

· Inayat: Kindness; grace

· Ismail: Prophet's name; God will hear

· Irsyad: Guidance; instruction

· Ibhya: Possessor of many attendants

· Ithamar: Land of palms

· Inderpal: Protector of Indra

· Iresh: Lord of earth; Vishnu

· Inban: Happiness; joy

· Indivar: Blue lotus

· Irtaza: Content; satisfied

· Inika: Small Earth; little Earth

Santali Cool Baby Boy Names Starting with J

· Jagdish: Lord of the universe

· Jai: Victory; triumph

· Jatin: Lord Shiva

· Jayant: Victorious; conqueror

· Jeevan: Life; soul

· Joydeep: Light of victory

· Jagat: World; universe

· Jyotish: Astrologer; light

· Jagrav: Alert; vigilant

· Jayesh: King of victories

· Jaimin: One who has control over his heart

· Jashan: Celebration; festivity

· Jivraj: King of life

· Jugal: Couple; pair

· Janak: Father of Sita; creator

· Japesh: Lord of chants

· Jignesh: Curiosity to know; desire for knowledge

· Jagmohan: One who attracts the world

· Jivin: To give life; living being

· Jyotiranjan: Delightful; light of knowledge

· Jagadish: Lord of the universe

· Jaimal: Garland of victory

· Jaidev: God of victory

· Jeevankumar: Life; living being

· Jayaprakash: Light of victory

· Jitendra: Lord of conquerors

· Jugalbandi: Melody; duet

· Jyesth: Eldest; elder

· Jagadbandhu: Friend of the world; Lord Krishna

· Jatinder: Lord of curly hair; Lord Shiva

· Jivitesh: Lord of life

· Jagdeep: Lamp of the universe

· Jatayu: Mythical bird in Ramayana

· Jyotiprakash: Light of knowledge

· Jagadguru: Preceptor of the world

Santali Cool Baby Boy Names Starting with K

· Kabir: Great; powerful

· Kailash: Abode of Lord Shiva

· Kamal: Lotus; perfection

· Karan: Clever; talented

· Kartik: Son of Lord Shiva; month in Hindu calendar

· Keshav: Another name for Lord Krishna

· Kishore: Young; youthful

· Kunal: Lotus; bird

· Kavya: Poetic; artistic

· Krish: Short form of Krishna; divine

· Kirtan: Devotional singing; praise

· Kedar: Lord Shiva; name of a mountain

· Kamlesh: Lord of Kamal (Lotus)

· Karthik: Son of Lord Shiva; month in Hindu calendar

· Kishan: Another name for Lord Krishna

· Kamod: Pleasing

· Ketan: Pure gold

· Kavi: Poet; wise man

· Kaushik: Descendant of Kusha; sage Vishwamitra

· Krishanu: Flute player; another name for Lord Krishna

· Keshava: Another name for Lord Krishna

· Karthikeya: Elder son of Lord Shiva

· Kamran: Successful; prosperous

· Kirtan: Singing; chanting

· Kunal: Lotus; a symbol of beauty

· Kaustav: A type of gemstone; Lord Vishnu's necklace

· Kanishk: An ancient king; gold

· Karanvir: Brave; warrior

· Kirtiman: Possessing fame

· Keshava: Another name for Lord Krishna

· Kashi: Holy city of Varanasi

· Kavish: King of poets; sage

· Kushal: Skilled; proficient

· Kedar: Powerful; firm

· Kamadev: God of love

Santali Cool Baby Boy Names Starting with L

· Laksh: Aim; target

· Lalit: Beautiful; charming

· Lokesh: Lord of the world

· Laxman: Brother of Lord Rama

· Lokeshwar: Lord of the universe

· Lagan: Dedication; devotion

· Luv: Son of Lord Rama

· Lalitaditya: Beautiful sun

· Loknath: Lord of the world

· Lakshay: Target; goal

· Lavish: Generous; abundant

· Lokanath: Lord of all beings

· Lalitendra: Lord of beauty

· Lohit: Red; made of copper

· Lekhraj: King of writing

· Lakshmikant: Husband of Goddess Lakshmi (Lord Vishnu)

· Lalan: Beloved

· Lalitmohan: Beautiful and charming

· Lokpal: Protector of the world

· Laganpreet: Love for dedication

· Lakshmikanta: Another name for Lord Vishnu

· Lalitkishore: Beautiful and fortunate

· Lakshyaraj: King of aims

· Lochan: Eye; sight

· Luvraj: King of Luv

· Lakhbir: Brave as a hundred thousand

· Lalitendu: Beautiful moon

· Lalan: Nurturing; caring

· Lekhan: Writing

· Lathik: Strong; powerful

· Lalmohan: Beautiful and attractive

· Lokeshwaran: Lord of the world

· Lavan: Handsome; salt

· Lalmohan: Beautiful and charming

· Laxmikant: Husband of Goddess Lakshmi (Lord Vishnu)

Santali Cool Baby Boy Names Starting with M

· Madhav: Another name for Lord Krishna

· Manish: Wise; intelligent

· Mohan: Charming; fascinating

· Mahesh: Lord Shiva

· Milan: Union; meeting

· Manoj: Born of the mind

· Mahendra: Great king; Lord Indra

· Mukesh: Lord of liberation

· Mohit: Attracted; infatuated

· Manav: Human being

· Mayank: Moon; symbol of auspiciousness

· Madhur: Sweet; melodious

· Mohanish: Lord Krishna

· Madhuraj: King of sweetness

· Mahir: Skilled; expert

· Mithun: Gemini; twins

· Manan: Contemplation; meditation

· Mahipal: King of the Earth

· Mitul: Friend; measure

· Mangal: Auspicious; fortunate

· Mihir: Sun; radiant

· Mohandas: Servant of Mohan (Lord Krishna)

· Manik: Gemstone; ruby

· Mahant: Great soul; ascetic

· Mihit: Fog; mist

· Mohin: Charming; attractive

· Manishankar: Lord Shiva

· Mayur: Peacock

· Mahatma: Great soul

· Mrinal: Lotus; soft

· Munish: Lord of sages

· Mahiruha: Rising sun

· Mridul: Gentle; soft

· Madhusudan: Destroyer of demon Madhu (Lord Krishna)

· Mahilan: Son of Lord Shiva

Santali Cool Baby Boy Names Starting with N

· Nandan: Delightful; son

· Neel: Blue; sapphire

· Nirav: Quiet; calm

· Nitesh: Lord of the night; vigilant

· Nirmal: Pure; clean

· Naveen: New; fresh

· Nabhij: Born from the sky

· Nishant: Dawn; end of night

· Niranjan: Pure; spotless

· Naveen: New; modern

· Navin: New; fresh

· Nishit: Night; midnight

· Nandish: Lord Shiva

· Nikhil: Complete; whole

· Nihal: Gratified; content

· Naveed: Good news; bearer of glad tidings

· Nishith: Night; dark

· Nabhijit: Conqueror of the sky

· Nand: Joyful; blissful

· Nihar: Mist; fog

· Nityanand: Eternal bliss

· Nitish: Master of the right path

· Nabendu: New moon

· Nishith: Dark night

· Nihit: Fixed; established

· Nilay: Abode; dwelling place

· Nityananda: Eternal bliss

· Nalendra: King of lotus

· Nirbhay: Fearless; brave

· Neeraj: Lotus; born from water

· Nishad: Seventh note of the musical scale

· Nitin: Eternally pure

· Nayan: Eye; vision

· Nirmay: Pure; spotless

· Nilayambar: Blue sky

Santali Cool Baby Boy Names Starting with O

· Onjul: Strong; powerful

· Ognish: Lord of fire

· Oliyan: Brilliant; radiant

· Ojesh: Energetic; powerful

· Oikya: Unity; oneness

· Okil: Worldly; universal

· Omesh: Lord of the Om

· Omit: Radiant; light

· Ojas: Vitality; strength

· Ovik: Talented; skilled

· Oishik: Sacred; divine

· Ongkur: Symbol; idol

· Oviyan: Artist; creative

· Ojeswar: Lord of power

· Oindrila: Wife of Indra (Shachi)

· Oitri: Prayer; hymn

· Ovikash: Development; progress

· Oditya: Rising sun

· Omya: Essential; pure

· Oktai: Energetic; active

· Ojah: Vital energy

· Onim: Secure; safe

· Ovi: Holy scripture; poem

· Ochitya: Excellence; supremacy

· Oihan: Forest; greenery

· Ojal: Splendid; bright

· Omita: Radiant; glowing

· Ojes: Power; energy

· Ovikram: Powerful; mighty

· Oliswar: Lord of light

· Orin: Born at sunrise

· Ovid: Knowledge; wisdom

· Opil: Bright; shining

· Ojahit: Full of vitality

· Omon: Love; affection

Santali Cool Baby Boy Names Starting with P

· Prakash: Light; brightness

· Pranav: Sacred syllable OM; primordial sound

· Prabhu: Lord; master

· Parth: Another name for Arjuna; son of Pritha

· Pradeep: Lamp; light

· Pranay: Love; affection

· Pranjal: Honest; straightforward

· Prithvi: Earth; the planet

· Pranesh: Lord of life; Lord Vishnu

· Pranit: Modest; humble

· Prabal: Strong; powerful

· Praveen: Expert; skilled

· Prasad: Blessing; offering

· Pratham: First; foremost

· Praneshwar: Lord of life; Lord Vishnu

· Prabodh: Knowledge; wisdom

· Praneshwar: Lord of life; Lord Vishnu

· Prashant: Peaceful; calm

· Prayag: Confluence of rivers; place of pilgrimage

· Pramod: Delight; joy

· Pratap: Glory; dignity

· Prateek: Symbol; embodiment

· Pranshu: Tall; divine

· Pradyumna: Son of Lord Krishna

· Prasenjit: Ancient king; conqueror

· Pratham: First; foremost

· Pratik: Symbol; likeness

· Pranavendra: Lord of Om; Lord Vishnu

· Pravin: Skilled; competent

· Prayas: Effort; endeavor

· Pranit: Modest; humble

· Pranavendra: Lord of Om; Lord Vishnu

· Prithviraj: King of the Earth

· Pratiksh: Waiting; anticipation

· Prashit: Favored; praised

Santali Cool Baby Boy Names Starting with R

· Rajiv: Lotus; blue gem

· Rahul: Efficient; conqueror of miseries

· Ravi: Sun; radiant

· Rakesh: Lord of the full moon

· Rajesh: King of kings

· Roshan: Bright; shining

· Ranjit: Victorious; one who is always triumphant

· Raman: Pleasing; beloved

· Rajan: King; ruler

· Ritesh: Lord of truth; honest

· Rupesh: Lord of beauty

· Rohit: Red; the sun

· Raghav: Descendant of Raghu; Lord Rama

· Rajendra: Mighty king

· Ramendra: Lord Rama; mighty king

· Rajat: Silver; courage

· Rishabh: Morality; a musical note

· Rajnish: Lord of the night; moon

· Rishav: Variant of Rishabh; morality

· Ranveer: Heroic; brave like a lion

· Rishikesh: Lord of the senses; Lord Vishnu

· Rajanikant: Lord of the night; moon

· Rishik: Lord Shiva

· Rajkishore: Prince; king's son

· Rupak: Beautiful; handsome

· Raju: Prosperity; king

· Rituraj: King of seasons

· Rudra: Fierce form of Lord Shiva

· Rajdip: King of light

· Rohan: Ascending; healing

· Rabindra: Sun; Lord Vishnu

· Ritwik: Priest; one who performs rituals

· Ramanuj: Lord Krishna; younger brother of Rama

· Ramswaroop: Embodiment of Lord Rama

· Ratul: Sweet; loveable

Santali Cool Baby Boy Names Starting with S

· Sachin: Pure; essence

· Samir: Breeze; companion

· Sagar: Ocean; sea

· Siddharth: One who has attained enlightenment

· Santosh: Contentment; satisfaction

· Subhash: Soft-spoken; eloquent

· Suman: Flower; good-hearted

· Suresh: Lord of gods; Sun

· Sunil: Dark blue; sapphire

· Sanjay: Victorious; triumphant

· Satish: Ruler of hundreds; truthful

· Shivam: Auspicious; divine

· Suraj: Sun; radiant

· Sudhir: Wise; intelligent

· Sarthak: Meaningful; successful

· Sushant: Peaceful; calm

· Saroj: Lotus

· Subrata: Devoted to good deeds

· Surinder: Lord Indra

· Sachit: Consciousness; existence

· Sanjit: Victorious; triumphant

· Shubham: Auspicious; good

· Subroto: One who rejoices in truth

· Samrat: Emperor; ruler

· Shantanu: Peaceful; calm

· Sujit: Good victory

· Sagar: Wise; ocean

· Sanket: Signal; sign

· Sarthi: Charioteer; guide

· Sudhanshu: Moon; nectar

· Sudeep: Bright; illuminated

· Sanjeev: Full of life; alive

· Sumit: Well-mannered; calm

· Sukesh: Beautiful hair; soft

· Swapnil: Dream-like; seen in a dream

Santali Cool Baby Boy Names Starting with T

· Tarun: Young; youth

· Tilak: Mark; ornament on the forehead

· Tapan: Sun; summer

· Tribhuvan: Lord of the three worlds

· Tapas: Ascetic; meditation

· Trilok: Three worlds; universe

· Tanmay: Engrossed; absorbed

· Tarak: Star; protector

· Tirtha: Sacred place; pilgrimage

· Tejas: Radiance; brilliance

· Trilochan: Lord Shiva; three-eyed

· Tuhin: Snow; cold

· Teerth: Holy place; pilgrimage

· Tridib: Heaven; lord of three worlds

· Tarunika: Youthful; young

· Tushar: Snow; frost

· Tribhuwan: Earth; universe

· Trishanku: A king from Hindu mythology

· Tanuj: Son; born of the body

· Tapomay: Full of penance; ascetic

· Tirthankar: Jain spiritual leader

· Tarakesh: Lord Shiva; protector of stars

· Tusharit: Cool; frosty

· Tapasranjan: Delighted by penance; ascetic

· Trigun: Three qualities; three virtues

· Tirthankara: Ford-maker; spiritual leader

· Toshan: Satisfaction; contentment

· Tejesh: Radiant; bright

· Tanay: Son; born of the body

· Trilokesh: Lord of the three worlds

· Trishit: One who has conquered three enemies

· Tejomay: Full of light; radiant

· Tapaswin: Ascetic; meditative

· Tarunesh: Young; lord of youth

· Tapani: River Godavari

Santali Cool Baby Boy Names Starting with U

· Uttam: Best; excellent

· Uday: Rising; dawn

· Ujjwal: Bright; radiant

· Utsav: Celebration; festival

· Utkarsh: Prosperity; progress

· Udayan: Rising; name of a king

· Umang: Enthusiasm; zeal

· Upendra: Lord Vishnu

· Udit: Grown; risen

· Ujjwalan: Bright; radiant

· Udbhav: Rising; origin

· Ullas: Joy; delight

· Ujwal: Bright; clear

· Upamanyu: Name of a sage

· Urjita: Energized; powerful

· Utkal: Excellence; prosperous

· Ujagar: Bright; luminous

· Udayachal: Eastern horizon

· Unmesh: Opening; revelation

· Ushnik: Meter of poetry; dawn

· Utkarsha: Elation; progress

· Udyam: Effort; endeavor

· Uttank: A sage; son of sage Vajashrava

· Urjasvin: Energetic; powerful

· Udayasooriyan: Rising sun

· Upasit: Worshipped; honored

· Ujjas: Bright; shining

· Unmeshan: Awakening; revelation

· Uddipan: Illuminating; kindling

· Urmi: Wave; surge

· Ujjay: Victorious; conqueror

· Ulagan: Worldly; universal

· Upendrajit: Conqueror of Indra

· Ujwala: Bright; radiant

· Udayasooriyan: Rising sun

Santali Cool Baby Boy Names Starting with V

· Vasant: Spring; season of freshness

· Vikram: Courageous; valorous

· Vivek: Wisdom; discernment

· Vinay: Modesty; humility

· Vishal: Grand; immense

· Vimal: Pure; clean

· Viren: Brave; courageous

· Varun: God of water; rain

· Vijay: Victory; triumph

· Vimalan: Pure; clean

· Vidhan: Order; arrangement

· Viraj: Resplendent; shining

· Vipin: Forest; woods

· Vasudev: Krishna's father; God of wealth

· Vikrant: Powerful; victorious

· Vidyut: Lightning; electricity

· Vinod: Pleasure; delight

· Vaibhav: Prosperity; grandeur

· Vishnu: Lord Vishnu; preserver of the universe

· Vithal: Lord Vishnu; a form of Krishna

· Virendra: Lord of heroes; courageous

· Vivekananda: Bliss of knowledge; disciple of Ramakrishna

· Vimaldev: Divine purity

· Vikas: Development; progress

· Vidyadhar: Knowledgeable; scholar

· Virenra: Leader of heroes; courageous

· Vishesh: Special; exceptional

· Varad: Bestower of blessings; giver

· Vinodan: Delightful; pleasurable

· Vrindavan: Lord Krishna's abode; a holy place

· Vardhan: One who enhances; increases

· Vedant: End of the Vedas; philosophical knowledge

· Vivasvan: Sun; the solar deity

· Vrishabh: Bull; zodiac sign Taurus

· Vijayant: Victorious; triumphant

Santali Cool Baby Boy Names Starting with Y

· Yash: Fame; success

· Yuvan: Youthful; young

· Yudhajit: Victor in war

· Yogesh: Lord of yoga; master of meditation

· Yashwant: One who has achieved glory

· Yagna: Ritual; sacrifice

· Yajat: Worshipper; devoted

· Yuvraj: Prince; heir apparent

· Yatin: Ascetic; sage

· Yashas: Fame; glory

· Yagnesh: Lord of the sacred fire

· Yashodhan: Wealth; prosperity

· Yudhisthir: Firm in battle; eldest of the Pandavas

· Yashpal: Protector of fame

· Yatinath: Lord of the ascetics

· Yajnadhar: One who holds the sacrificial fire

· Yajatshatru: One who has conquered enemies

· Yashodeep: Lamp of fame

· Yuvakrishna: Youthful; young Krishna

· Yagneshwar: Lord of the sacred fire

· Yajatkar: Worshipper

· Yashwantik: One who possesses glory

· Yudhishthir: Firm in battle; eldest of the Pandavas

· Yashoraj: King of fame

· Yashwantdev: God of glory

· Yagnik: One who performs yagna

· Yajnavahan: One who carries out yagna

· Yashovardhan: One who enhances fame

· Yatindra: Lord of the sages

· Yuvrajit: Conqueror of youth

· Yagnayak: Chief of the yagna

· Yashodip: Lamp of fame

· Yatharth: True; real

· Yajatrup: Pleasing in yagna

· Yashomani: Jewel of fame

Santali Cool Baby Boy Names Starting with Z

· Zagan: Lord of the sky; celestial

· Zain: Grace; beauty

· Zephyr: Gentle breeze; west wind

· Zahir: Bright; shining

· Ziv: Brightness; radiance

· Zalan: Calm; serene

· Zorawar: Brave; powerful

· Zoltan: Life; ruler

· Zenith: Highest point; pinnacle

· Zavian: Bright; shining

· Zayed: Abundance; prosperity

· Zane: God is gracious

· Zidane: Increase; growth

· Zavian: Bright; radiant

· Zayn: Beauty; grace

· Zenon: Gift of Zeus

· Zeshan: Good; virtuous

· Zuhayr: Brightness; brilliance

· Zayyan: Adornment; beautification

· Zalmay: Youthful; young

· Zafar: Victory; triumph

· Zayed: Abundance; growth

· Zivon: Vigorous; full of life

· Zayden: Fiery; passionate

· Zolin: Calm; tranquil

· Zayd: Growth; increase

· Zavier: Bright; new house

· Zohar: Light; brilliance

· Zaheer: Helper; supporter

· Zayvion: Bright; shining

· Ziyad: Abundance; increase

· Ziven: Vigorous; alive

· Zahirul: Manifestation; evident

· Zalman: Peaceful; secure

· Zaul: Strong; powerful

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