Nagpuri Baby Boy Names with Meaning

Nagpuri Baby Boy Names

Nagpuri Baby names are viewed as exceptional because of their profound association with the Nagpuri culture and individuals of Nagaland, a state in northeastern India. The Nagas are a native local area known for their rich customs, ancestral legacy, and lively social practices.

Nagpuri names frequently get from the Nagamese language, which is a most widely used language spoken by different Naga clans. These names convey critical implications connected with nature, components, creatures, excellencies, characteristics, or authentic occasions that hold social worth inside the local area.

What compels Nagpuri child names extraordinary is the social importance and uniqueness they address. They mirror the convictions, customs, and legends of the Nagas. The names might be propelled by the common habitat of Nagaland, including the slopes, waterways, timberlands, and the rich biodiversity tracked down in the district. They additionally frequently mirror the local area's otherworldly convictions and adoration for their predecessors.

Nagpuri names add to the protection of the Nagpuri language and the social character of the Nagas. They are a method for passing down customs starting with one age then onto the next, reinforcing the feeling of having a place and pride in one's Nagpuri legacy. These names likewise act as a wake up call of the local area's verifiable battles, versatility, and commitments to the social texture of Nagaland.

Picking a Nagpuri name for a child is a method for respecting the Nagpuri culture, customs, and hereditary roots. It helps in keeping up with the social honesty and advancing the uniqueness of the Nagaland people group. Nagpuri names convey a feeling of character, legacy, and association with the Nagas' rich social embroidery, making them exceptional and esteemed among the local area.

Nagpuri Most Unique Baby Boy Names Starting with A

· Abhay: Fearless

· Akash: Sky

· Aniket: Lord of the world

· Amar: Immortal

· Alok: Brightness, light

· Anand: Joy, happiness

· Arun: Sun

· Arjun: Bright, shining

· Ajay: Unconquerable, victorious

· Abhijit: Victorious, triumph

· Ashish: Blessing

· Amit: Endless, infinite

· Ankit: Marked, painted

· Ajit: Invincible, unconquerable

· Abhinav: Innovative, new

· Arvind: Lotus, wisdom

· Avinash: Indestructible, immortal

· Atul: Matchless, incomparable

· Abhijeet: One who is victorious

· Ashok: Without sorrow, without grief

· Aman: Peace

· Akshay: Indestructible, eternal

· Anupam: Incomparable, unique

· Ankit: Conquered, marked

· Arindam: Destroyer of enemies

· Abhishek: Ritual bath, anointment

· Ashutosh: One who easily gets pleased

· Arvindra: King of lotus

· Animesh: Open-eyed, unblinking

· Anil: Wind, air

· Aditya: Sun, son of Aditi

· Abhiram: Pleasing, delightful

· Arvindam: Lotus

· Aryan: Noble, high-born

· Alokesh: Lord Shiva

Nagpuri Most Unique Baby Boy Names Starting with B

· Birendra: King of warriors

· Bhaskar: Sun, radiant

· Bikash: Development, progress

· Bimal: Pure, clean

· Bishal: Huge, vast

· Bijoy: Victory

· Biren: Lord of warriors

· Bimalendu: Moon

· Birat: Great, massive

· Bishnu: Lord Vishnu

· Bhupendra: King of the earth

· Bipul: Abundant, plenty

· Bishalendu: Huge, vast moon

· Bhairav: Fierce form of Lord Shiva

· Binod: Joy, happiness

· Basant: Spring season

· Balram: Young Krishna, brother of Lord Krishna

· Bhola: Innocent, simple

· Bimalangshu: Pure like the moon

· Brajendra: King of Braj (Lord Krishna)

· Barun: Lord of the waters (Varun)

· Bishwajit: Conqueror of the world

· Bhabani: Goddess Parvati

· Bablu: Cute, little boy

· Birenkumar: Prince of warriors

· Binayak: Lord Ganesha

· Bishesh: Special, unique

· Bharat: India, descendant of Bharata

· Basudeb: Another name for Lord Krishna

· Biman: Airplane

· Bhuvan: World, universe

· Badal: Cloud

· Bimalananda: Pure joy

· Bikram: Prowess, valour

· Bijit: Victorious

Nagpuri Most Unique Baby Boy Names Starting with C

· Chandan: Sandalwood

· Chetan: Consciousness, vitality

· Chirag: Lamp, light

· Chaitanya: Consciousness, awareness

· Chandan Kumar: Moonbeam

· Chintan: Thought, reflection

· Chetan Kumar: Conscious being

· Chandraprakash: Moonlight

· Chiranjeev: Immortal being

· Chandrajit: One who has conquered the moon

· Chiragdeep: Eternal lamp

· Chittaranjan: Delight of the mind

· Chakor: A mythical bird enamored by the moon

· Chaitan: Mind, consciousness

· Chaitanya Kumar: Consciousness personified

· Chiranjeev Kumar: Immortal being

· Chandrakant: Beloved of the moon

· Chitresh: Lord of the soul

· Chandrakiran: Moonbeam

· Chiragdev: Divine lamp

· Chaitanya Dev: Divine consciousness

· Chintamani: Philosopher's stone

· Chakresh: Lord of the universe

· Chandrakiran Kumar: Moonbeam

· Chitranjan Kumar: Delightful person

· Chandrakant Kumar: Beloved of the moon

· Chiragdeep Kumar: Eternal lamp

· Chaitramohan: Delighting in consciousness

· Chitreshwar: Lord of the soul

· Chandraprakash Kumar: Moonlight

· Chakreshwar: Supreme lord

· Chitrabhanu: One with a beautiful personality

· Chandrahas: Bow of Lord Shiva

· Chetan Dev: Divine consciousness

· Chaitramohan Kumar: Delighting in consciousness

Nagpuri Most Unique Baby Boy Names Starting with D

· Devendra: Lord of gods

· Dhruv: Firm, immovable

· Deepak: Lamp, light

· Dinesh: Sun, lord of the day

· Dilip: Protector of the heart

· Debashish: Blessing of God

· Dhiraj: Patience, tolerance

· Dayanand: One who finds joy in compassion

· Damodar: Lord Krishna

· Dhananjay: One who wins wealth

· Dipen: Lord of lights

· Devesh: Lord of the gods

· Debendra: God of heaven

· Dhiren: Patient, calm

· Darshan: Sight, vision

· Devraj: King of the gods

· Dhaval: Pure, white

· Devang: Part of God

· Digvijay: Victorious in all directions

· Dharma: Righteousness, duty

· Durgesh: Lord of the fort

· Dhiran: Calm, composed

· Darpak: Mirror

· Dheeran: Brave, courageous

· Devanand: Joy of the gods

· Dhruba: Firm, fixed

· Deepesh: Lord of light

· Devaj: Born of God

· Dattatreya: Incarnation of Lord Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva

· Dinkar: Sun, bright as day

· Devangshu: Part of God, divine

· Dhrubajyoti: Immovable light

· Daulat: Wealth, riches

· Devkumar: Son of God

· Durgadutt: Gift of Goddess Durga

Nagpuri Most Unique Baby Boy Names Starting with G

· Ganesh: Lord Ganesha, remover of obstacles

· Govind: Lord Krishna

· Gaurav: Pride, honor

· Gopal: Lord Krishna, cowherd

· Gyan: Knowledge, wisdom

· Girish: Lord of the mountains

· Gagan: Sky, heaven

· Gulshan: Garden, flower bed

· Gopal Krishna: Lord Krishna, cowherd

· Gaurav Kumar: Honorable and wise

· Gobind: God, the protector

· Gajendra: Elephant king

· Gauranga: Golden-hued, Lord Chaitanya

· Ganesh Kumar: Lord Ganesha

· Govinda: Lord Krishna, cowherd

· Giridhar: One who holds the mountain (Lord Krishna)

· Gunjan: Buzzing of a bee, humming

· Gulzar: Rose garden

· Gopesh: Lord of the cowherds (Lord Krishna)

· Gourab: Respectable, honorable

· Gauravdeep: Lamp of honor

· Gajanan: Elephant-faced, Lord Ganesha

· Gulshan Kumar: Gardener of flowers

· Gagan Deep: Lamp of the sky

· Girish Kumar: Lord of the mountains

· Gopal Das: Servant of Lord Krishna

· Gaurav Raj: King of honor

· Gunaratna: Jewel of virtues

· Gulzar Ali: Rose garden, noble

· Gyanendra: King of knowledge

· Ganpati: Lord Ganesha

· Govind Kumar: Protector, Lord Krishna

· Gaurav Chandra: Moon of honor

· Gopinath: Lord of the cowherds (Lord Krishna)

· Giridhari Kumar: Holder of the mountain (Lord Krishna)

Nagpuri Most Unique Baby Boy Names Starting with H

· Harish: Lord Vishnu

· Hemant: Winter, early winter

· Hari: Lord Vishnu, the one who removes sins

· Harendra: Lord Shiva

· Himanshu: Moon, cool ray

· Harsha: Happiness, joy

· Hrithik: From the heart, truthful

· Harilal: Son of Lord Vishnu

· Harshad: One who gives happiness

· Harshvardhan: One who enhances happiness

· Hemanth: Early winter, golden yellow

· Harjeet: Victorious, conqueror

· Hemraj: King of gold

· Himadri: Mountain, snowy range

· Hitesh: Lord of goodness

· Hemant Kumar: Winter season, golden

· Hardeep: Lamp of God

· Harman: Everyone's beloved

· Hriday: Heart, core

· Hemendra: Lord of gold

· Harshit: Joyful, delighted

· Harshil: Joyful, happy

· Hemant Raj: King of winter

· Harshvardhan Kumar: Enhancer of happiness

· Hemantdeep: Lamp of winter

· Harish Kumar: Lord Vishnu

· Hrithik Raj: King of truthfulness

· Harshil Kumar: Joyful and happy

· Hemendra Kumar: Golden king

· Harjeet Singh: Victorious lion

· Hemraj Kumar: King of gold

· Harendra Kumar: Lord Shiva

· Hardeep Singh: Lamp of God

· Harman Singh: Beloved lion

· Hemant Singh: Winter season, golden lion

Nagpuri Most Unique Baby Boy Names Starting with I

· Ishwar: God, the supreme being

· Indra: King of the gods

· Indrajit: Conqueror of Indra

· Ishan: Lord Shiva

· Inderjeet: One who conquers Indra

· Ishaan: Sun, lord, ruler

· Inayat: Kindness, grace

· Indrajit Kumar: Victorious over Indra

· Ishwar Kumar: Divine prince

· Indrajeet Kumar: Victorious king

· Inderdeep: Lamp of the lord

· Indranil: Lord Shiva, sapphire

· Ishan Kumar: Sun prince

· Indradev: King of gods, Indra

· Ishankumar: Lord Shiva's son

· Iman: Faith, belief

· Irfan: Knowledge, awareness

· Inam: Reward, gift

· Indranath: Lord Indra

· Iqbal: Prosperity, good fortune

· Indraneel: Sapphire, blue gem

· Ishant: Calm, peaceful

· Indresh: Lord Indra

· Ishaan Singh: Ruler lion

· Imanpreet: Love for faith

· Irfan Ali: Knowledgeable and noble

· Indranil Kumar: Sapphire prince

· Ishan Deep: Divine light

· Inayat Ali: Graceful and noble

· Indranath Kumar: Lord of gods

· Ishant Singh: Peaceful lion

· Iqbal Singh: Fortunate lion

· Irfan Khan: Knowledgeable ruler

· Indreshwar: Lord Shiva

· Indrajeet Singh: Victorious lion

Nagpuri Most Unique Baby Boy Names Starting with J

· Jagdish: Lord of the world

· Jatin: Saintly, ascetic

· Jayant: Victorious, conqueror

· Jai: Victory, triumph

· Jagat: World, universe

· Jeevan: Life, existence

· Jyotir: Light, flame

· Janardan: Lord Vishnu

· Jagmohan: One who attracts the world

· Jagdish Kumar: Lord of the world

· Jayesh: Victor, winner

· Jugal: Couple, pair

· Jagdeep: Lamp of the world

· Jai Kumar: Victorious prince

· Jaswant: Famous, renowned

· Jivraj: King of life

· Jignesh: Curiosity, inquisitiveness

· Jaspal: Protector of glory

· Jayaprakash: Light of victory

· Jagdish Singh: Lord of the world lion

· Jayendra: Lord of victory

· Jayanand: Delightful victory

· Jitendra: Conqueror of Indra

· Jugal Kishor: Beautiful couple

· Jaimal: Garland of victory

· Jagadev: God of the world

· Jaydeep: Victorious lamp

· Jayant Kumar: Victorious prince

· Jivankumar: Living prince

· Jagjit: World conqueror

· Jatin Kumar: Ascetic prince

· Jaspal Singh: Protector of glory lion

· Jigneshwar: Lord of curiosity

· Jayesh Kumar: Victor prince

· Jagdishwar: Lord of the world

Nagpuri Most Unique Baby Boy Names Starting with K

· Krishna: Lord Krishna

· Kamal: Lotus, perfection

· Kunal: Lotus, of good character

· Kishore: Young, youth

· Karan: Karna, the warrior from Mahabharata

· Keshav: Another name for Lord Krishna

· Kapil: Tawny, reddish-brown

· Keshav Kumar: Youthful prince

· Kishan Kumar: Lord Krishna

· Kumar: Prince, son

· Kripal: Compassionate, merciful

· Kaushal: Skillful, adept

· Kalyan: Auspicious, blessed

· Karthik: Hindu month, son of Lord Shiva

· Kamlesh: Lord of lotus, Lord Vishnu

· Kishor Kumar: Youthful prince

· Krish: Short form of Krishna

· Kanhaiya: Beloved of Kanha (another name for Lord Krishna)

· Kedar: A mountain, Lord Shiva

· Kailash: Name of a mountain, abode of Lord Shiva

· Koustav: A jewel worn by Lord Krishna

· Kishan: Lord Krishna

· Kirit: Crown, tiara

· Kiran: Ray of light, sunbeam

· Keshav Das: Devotee of Lord Krishna

· Kamal Kumar: Youthful like a lotus

· Kishore Lal: Young boy with a playful nature

· Karan Singh: Warrior lion

· Kamaldeep: Lotus lamp

· Kripal Singh: Compassionate lion

· Kunal Raj: King with good character

· Kalyan Kumar: Auspicious prince

· Karthik Kumar: Son of Lord Shiva

· Kanhaiya Lal: Beloved of Lord Krishna

· Keshav Raj: King of youth

Nagpuri Most Unique Baby Boy Names Starting with L

· Laxman: Brother of Lord Rama

· Lalit: Beautiful, elegant

· Lokesh: Lord of the world

· Lakshya: Aim, goal

· Lalit Kumar: Beautiful prince

· Lalit Singh: Beautiful lion

· Lokesh Kumar: Lord of the world

· Lakshman Kumar: Brother of Lord Rama

· Lalan: Beloved, darling

· Lakhan: Lord Rama's brother

· Lalit Raj: King of elegance

· Lalit Das: Servant of beauty

· Loknath: Lord of the universe

· Lalitdeep: Beautiful lamp

· Lokeshwar: Lord of the world

· Laxmi Kant: Husband of Goddess Lakshmi

· Laltu: Red, ruby

· Lalit Mohan: Attractive and charming

· Lokendra: Lord of the world

· Lakshman Singh: Brother of Lord Rama lion

· Lalan Kumar: Beloved prince

· Lakshay: Target, objective

· Lalit Kumar: Beautiful prince

· Lokesh Kumar: Lord of the world

· Lakshman Das: Devotee of Lakshman

· Laltu Singh: Red lion

· Lalit Raj: King of elegance

· Loknath Kumar: Lord of the universe

· Laxmi Kant Singh: Lion of Goddess Lakshmi

· Lalitdeep Singh: Beautiful lamp lion

· Laxman Raj: King of brothers

· Lokeshwar Kumar: Lord of the world

· Lalan Singh: Beloved lion

· Lalit Mohan Kumar: Attractive and charming prince

· Lokendra Singh: Lion king of the world

Nagpuri Most Unique Baby Boy Names Starting with M

· Manish: Lord of the mind

· Mohan: Charming, fascinating

· Mahendra: Great king, Indra

· Mukesh: Lord of fragrance

· Mohit: Ensnared, attracted

· Manoj: Born of the mind

· Manish Kumar: Lord of the mind prince

· Mohan Kumar: Charming prince

· Mahendra Singh: Great king lion

· Mukesh Kumar: Lord of fragrance prince

· Mohit Raj: King of attraction

· Manish Das: Devotee of Lord of the mind

· Mohan Das: Servant of the charming

· Mahesh: Lord Shiva

· Manish Raj: King of the mind

· Mahendra Kumar: Great king prince

· Mukesh Singh: Lion of fragrance

· Mohit Kumar: Ensnared prince

· Manoj Kumar: Prince born of the mind

· Mohan Lal: Charming boy

· Mahendra Raj: King of greatness

· Mukesh Das: Devotee of Lord of fragrance

· Mohit Das: Devotee of the attracted

· Manish Singh: Lion of the mind

· Mohan Kumar Singh: Charming lion prince

· Mahendra Lal: Great king boy

· Mukesh Kumar Singh: Prince lion of fragrance

· Mohit Raj Singh: King of attraction lion

· Manish Das Singh: Lion devotee of Lord of the mind

· Mohan Das Singh: Lion servant of the charming

· Mahesh Kumar: Prince of Lord Shiva

· Manoj Kumar Singh: Lion prince born of the mind

· Mohit Lal: Ensnared boy

· Mahendra Kumar Singh: Great king lion prince

· Mukesh Lal: Fragrance boy

Nagpuri Most Unique Baby Boy Names Starting with N

· Nandlal: Lord Krishna

· Niranjan: Pure, without blemish

· Narendra: King of men

· Nabin: New, fresh

· Nitesh: Master of the right path

· Naveen: New, fresh

· Narayan: Lord Vishnu

· Nipun: Skilled, talented

· Nirmal: Pure, clean

· Naresh: King of kings

· Neeraj: Lotus, born from water

· Nithin: Determined, steadfast

· Nitish: Well-behaved, disciplined

· Nabinchandra: New moon

· Nipunjot: Expert, proficient

· Nishant: Dawn, end of night

· Narindra: King of men

· Nitin: Ethical, moral

· Naren: Lord Krishna

· Nityanand: Eternal bliss

· Nirmalya: Pure, untainted

· Nishit: Sharp, precise

· Navneet: Fresh, pure

· Nirav: Quiet, silent

· Nandish: Lord Shiva

· Niroj: Without blemish, pure

· Nitul: Calm, composed

· Nalendra: Lord of lotus

· Nilabh: Blue sky, cloud

· Nithish: Master of the right path

· Nabarun: Morning sun

· Nihar: Mist, fog

· Nagesh: Lord of serpents

· Nischal: Steady, calm

· Navendu: Moon, new moon

Nagpuri Most Unique Baby Boy Names Starting with O

· Omkar: The sound of "Om," sacred syllable in Hinduism

· Omprakash: Light of "Om"

· Omesh: Lord of "Om"

· Omkaraj: King of "Om"

· Omkarnath: Lord Shiva, the embodiment of "Om"

· Omjit: Conqueror of "Om"

· Omdeep: Divine light of "Om"

· Ompal: Protector of "Om"

· Omveer: Brave like "Om"

· Omswaroop: Manifestation of "Om"

· Omkarsh: Attraction of "Om"

· Omdutt: Gift of "Om"

· Ojaswin: Energetic, full of vitality

· Ojash: Brightness, brilliance

· Oorjit: Powerful, strong

· Ojas: Energy, strength

· Ojasvin: Energetic, powerful

· Omprekash: Radiance of "Om"

· Ompalbir: Brave protector of "Om"

· Omshankar: Lord Shiva, the auspicious form of "Om"

· Omaditya: Sun-like "Om"

· Omkarnath: Lord of "Om" and lord of lords

· Omprabha: Radiance of "Om"

· Omran: Solid structure, foundation

· Omshray: Shelter of "Om"

· Omeesh: Lord of "Om"

· Omjyoti: Divine light of "Om"

· Omkardeep: Divine light of "Om"

· Omchetan: Consciousness of "Om"

· Omshiv: Auspicious like "Om" and Lord Shiva

· Omjeet: Victorious like "Om"

· Ompreet: Love for "Om"

· Omsheel: Virtuous like "Om"

· Omdarshan: Divine vision of "Om"

· Omroop: Embodiment of "Om"

Nagpuri Most Unique Baby Boy Names Starting with P

· Prakash: Light, brightness

· Pradeep: Lamp, light

· Pranav: Sacred syllable "Om"

· Prashant: Calm, peaceful

· Pawan: Wind, air

· Pranay: Love, affection

· Pramod: Happiness, delight

· Prabhat: Morning, dawn

· Prasad: Blessing, gift

· Pratik: Symbol, sign

· Pranjal: Honest, sincere

· Prem: Love

· Prithvi: Earth

· Praveen: Skillful, talented

· Pranit: Modest, humble

· Pritam: Beloved, dear one

· Pramit: Conquering, focused

· Pratyush: Sunrise, dawn

· Prakashmani: Gem of light

· Prayag: Confluence of rivers

· Pravesh: Entrance, beginning

· Pradip: Lamp, light

· Prateek: Symbol, representation

· Pranesh: Lord of life

· Pratham: First, primary

· Pranjalit: Made pure, sincere

· Prasun: Blossom, flower

· Praveer: Valiant, brave

· Prayansh: Part of prayer

· Pradeepta: Illuminated, shining

· Prakhar: Bright, radiant

· Pranshu: Tall, divine

· Pradeepan: One who spreads light

· Prabhakar: Sun, radiant

· Prayas: Endeavor, effort

Nagpuri Most Unique Baby Boy Names Starting with R

· Rajiv: Lotus, blue or purple flower

· Ravi: Sun, radiant

· Ramesh: Lord Rama, lord of Rama

· Rahul: Efficient, competent

· Rajesh: King of kings

· Rohit: Red, sun-like

· Ratan: Jewel, gem

· Ratanlal: Beloved jewel

· Ranjan: Delightful, pleasing

· Rajendra: King of kings

· Rajat: Silver, moon-like

· Raman: Pleasing, delightful

· Ramchandra: Lord Rama

· Rupesh: Lord of beauty

· Ramendra: Lord Rama

· Rajan: King, ruler

· Rishabh: Superior, best

· Rajkumar: Prince, heir apparent

· Raghav: Descendant of Raghu (Lord Rama's ancestor)

· Ravindra: Lord of the sun

· Rituraj: King of seasons

· Radheshyam: Lord Krishna

· Rajnish: Lord of the night (Moon)

· Ramakant: Beloved of Lord Rama

· Ramdas: Devotee of Lord Rama

· Rajeev: Lotus, blue or purple flower

· Rajanikant: Moon, lord of the night

· Rajvardhan: One who increases prosperity

· Rajdip: King of light

· Rajanish: Lord of night (Moon)

· Ranjit: Victorious, winner

· Ravikant: Beloved of the sun

· Rajyeshwar: King of kings

· Rishikesh: Lord of the senses, another name for Lord Vishnu

· Raghuveer: Brave descendent of Raghu

Nagpuri Most Unique Baby Boy Names Starting with S

· Sunil: Dark blue, sapphire

· Suresh: Lord of the gods

· Sanjay: Victorious, triumphant

· Shashi: Moon, moonlight

· Shyam: Dark, black, Lord Krishna

· Sudhir: Wise, intelligent

· Sachin: Pure, essence

· Satish: Ruler of truth

· Subhash: Soft-spoken, well-spoken

· Suman: Good-hearted, flower

· Sagar: Ocean, sea

· Sushil: Good character, well-behaved

· Saurabh: Fragrance, brightness

· Sumit: Well-measured, friendly

· Shivam: Auspicious, divine

· Sanjeev: Full of life, vital

· Santosh: Satisfaction, contentment

· Satyendra: Lord of truth

· Suraj: Sun, radiant

· Surendra: Lord of gods, Indra

· Shankar: Lord Shiva

· Sharad: Autumn, season

· Shakti: Power, strength

· Sameer: Breeze, gentle wind

· Sumeet: Good friend, friendly

· Sajal: Moist, dewy

· Swayam: Self, oneself

· Sudhanshu: Moon, moonbeam

· Sumanth: Wise, intelligent

· Satyen: Truthful, honest

· Samar: Battle, war

· Satwik: Pure, virtuous

· Sanat: Eternal, perpetual

· Shridhar: Lord Vishnu, one who holds the goddess of wealth

· Subodh: Wise, intelligent

Nagpuri Most Unique Baby Boy Names Starting with T

· Tarun: Young, youthful

· Tribhuvan: Lord of the three worlds

· Tilak: Mark, ornament on the forehead

· Trilok: Three worlds (heaven, earth, and hell)

· Tejas: Radiance, brilliance

· Tanuj: Son, offspring

· Tushar: Frost, snow

· Tapan: Sun, heat

· Tirthankar: Jain spiritual leader

· Trilochan: Lord Shiva, three-eyed

· Tapas: Meditation, austerity

· Tarak: Savior, one who crosses over

· Teerth: Sacred place, pilgrimage

· Tejendra: Lord of brilliance

· Tribhuvan: Lord of the three worlds

· Tuhin: Snowy, cool

· Tilakchand: Moon with an auspicious mark

· Tarunesh: Young lord

· Taruneshwar: Lord of youth

· Tulsidas: Servant of Tulsi (sacred basil)

· Tanishq: Jewel, precious

· Tejaswin: Radiant, bright

· Triman: Holy trinity, threefold

· Tridib: Heaven, celestial

· Tarakeshwar: Lord Shiva, liberator of souls

· Trilokinath: Lord of the three worlds

· Tirthankar: Spiritual teacher, guide

· Tanmay: Engrossed, absorbed

· Trilokesh: Lord of the three worlds

· Tapobrata: Ascetic, one dedicated to penance

· Tarakesh: Lord Shiva, one who liberates

· Tarang: Wave, melody

· Tirthankara: Jain spiritual teacher

· Trishul: Trident, weapon of Lord Shiva

· Trigun: Three qualities (Satva, Rajas, Tamas)

Nagpuri Most Unique Baby Boy Names Starting with U

· Uttam: Excellent, best

· Ujjwal: Bright, radiant

· Uday: Sunrise, dawn

· Upendra: Lord Vishnu's other name

· Umesh: Lord of Uma (Lord Shiva)

· Utkarsh: Progress, prosperity

· Utsav: Celebration, festival

· Uddhav: Krishna's friend and devotee

· Udayan: Rising, flourishing

· Udbhav: Origin, creation

· Ujwal: Bright, luminous

· Urmil: Enchanting, beautiful

· Upakar: Favor, help

· Umang: Enthusiasm, excitement

· Utsarg: Offering, dedication

· Udayachal: Eastern hills, sunrise hills

· Udbhav: Origin, creation

· Ujagar: Bright, shining

· Utkarsh: Prosperity, progress

· Upavan: Garden, grove

· Upendra: Brother of Indra (Lord Vishnu)

· Umakant: Lord Shiva, husband of Uma

· Uddhar: Salvation, liberation

· Udit: Risen, awakened

· Udayanath: Lord of sunrise

· Utkarsha: Elevation, advancement

· Urmik: Wave, ripple

· Upamanyu: Name of a sage

· Uttank: A sage in Hindu mythology

· Urjita: Energetic, strong

· Uddip: Light, flame

· Ugrak: Fierce, powerful

· Utsarg: Offering, contribution

· Ujjwalan: Brilliant, luminous

· Unmesh: Opening, revelation

Nagpuri Most Unique Baby Boy Names Starting with V

· Vikram: Valor, bravery

· Vishal: Grand, magnificent

· Vivek: Wisdom, discernment

· Vinay: Humility, modesty

· Vijay: Victory, triumph

· Vaibhav: Prosperity, wealth

· Vikas: Development, progress

· Vimal: Pure, spotless

· Virendra: Lord of heroes

· Vipul: Abundant, vast

· Vishnu: Lord Vishnu, preserver of the universe

· Vasant: Spring, season

· Vidyanath: Lord of knowledge

· Vinod: Pleasure, delight

· Vimalendra: Lord of purity

· Vikrant: Powerful, courageous

· Vaishnav: Devotee of Lord Vishnu

· Vidyut: Lightning, electricity

· Viren: Brave, strong

· Vishesh: Special, unique

· Varun: Lord of the sea

· Vedant: Knowledge of the Vedas

· Vikash: Progress, development

· Vinayak: Lord Ganesha

· Vaman: Lord Vishnu, dwarf incarnation

· Vrajesh: Lord Krishna, king of Vraja

· Vijendra: Lord of victory

· Vidyadhar: Knowledgeable, learned

· Viraj: Splendor, brightness

· Vipin: Forest, woods

· Vimalan: Pure, untainted

· Vithal: Lord Vitthal, form of Lord Krishna

· Vidyasagar: Ocean of knowledge

· Vasudev: Father of Lord Krishna

· Vrishank: Lord Shiva, bearer of the bull

Nagpuri Most Unique Baby Boy Names Starting with Y

· Yash: Fame, success

· Yogesh: Lord of yoga, Lord Shiva

· Yuvraj: Prince, heir apparent

· Yadav: Descendant of Yadu

· Yoganand: Delighted in yoga, blissful

· Yudhisthir: Firm in battle, eldest of the Pandavas

· Yatish: Lord of devotees, ruler of the heart

· Yashpal: Protector of fame, keeper of glory

· Yajat: Worshiped, honored

· Yudhajit: Victor in battle

· Yagnesh: Lord of sacrifices, Lord Vishnu

· Yukt: United, attached

· Yashwant: One with glory, illustrious

· Yuvan: Youthful, energetic

· Yogendra: Lord of yoga, Lord Shiva

· Yuvanesh: Lord of youth

· Yagna: Sacred fire, ritual

· Yashodev: Glorious god

· Yudhisthira: Steadfast in war, righteous

· Yatin: Ascetic, saint

· Yajna: Worship, sacrifice

· Yashas: Fame, glory

· Yogin: One who practices yoga, ascetic

· Yashraj: King of fame

· Yashwant: One with glory, illustrious

· Yudhishthir: Firm in battle, eldest of the Pandavas

· Yuvak: Youth, young man

· Yogish: Lord of yoga, Lord Shiva

· Yajnadhar: One who holds the fire sacrifice

· Yatindra: Lord of ascetics, supreme yogi

· Yashodeep: Glorious lamp

· Yuvaram: Young prince

· Yashodhan: One who possesses fame and wealth

· Yagnik: Ritualistic, one who performs sacrifices

· Yoganath: Lord of yoga

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