Manipuri Baby Girl Names with Meaning

Manipuri Baby Girl Names

Manipuri Baby names are viewed as extraordinary because of their rich social legacy and the particular character of the Manipuri people group. Manipur is a state in northeastern India known for its energetic practices, works of art, and verifiable importance.

Manipuri names frequently get from the Manipuri language, which has a place with the Tibeto-Burman language family. These names convey significant implications connected with nature, components, temperances, characteristics, or verifiable occasions important to the local area. They mirror the local area's convictions, customs, and old stories.

What compels Manipuri child names extraordinary is the impact of the local area's assorted social foundation. Manipur has been generally affected by adjoining locales and societies, including the Meitei, Naga, Kuki, and Pangal people group. Subsequently, Manipuri names incorporate a rich mix of native components, ancestral practices, and outside impacts.

Manipuri names likewise mirror the social variety and strict convictions predominant in the locale. They might draw motivation from Hinduism, Buddhism, and native convictions. The names frequently convey a feeling of otherworldliness, magic, and worship for nature.

Picking a Manipuri name for a child is a method for embracing and praise the local area's social legacy. It interfaces the youngster to their Manipuri roots, supports a feeling of personality and having a place, and praises the traditions and customs of the Manipuri people group. Manipuri names are an impression of the local area's particular social inheritance and its commitment to the social embroidery of India.

Manipuri Most Popular Baby Girl Names Starting with A

· Aarati: Worship, devotion

· Achaia: Pure, sacred

· Aeshna: Desirable, beautiful

· Ahalya: Wife of sage Gautama, pure

· Akanksha: Desire, aspiration

· Alina: Beautiful, noble

· Alokha: Brightness, radiance

· Amara: Eternal, immortal

· Amarjit: Immortal victory

· Amrita: Nectar, immortality

· Ananya: Unique, without equal

· Anika: Grace, favor

· Anjali: Offering, salutation

· Anuradha: A star, name of a constellation

· Aradhana: Worship, devotion

· Aruna: Dawn, reddish-brown color

· Asha: Hope, desire

· Ashima: Limitless, infinite

· Asmita: Pride, self-respect

· Atreyi: Name of a river

· Avani: Earth, mother

· Ayana: Path, goal

· Ayushi: Long life

· Ayesha: Alive, she who lives

· Ayra: Noble, respectful

· Aysel: Moonlight, moon stream

· Azalea: Flower, delicate

· Azzah: Young female gazelle

· Adheesha: Commander, leader

· Anulekha: Beautiful handwriting

· Anuva: Swift, quick

· Anvesha: Curiosity, exploration

· Aradhya: Worthy of worship

· Arika: Praise-worthy

· Arpana: Offering, dedication

Manipuri Most Popular Baby Girl Names Starting with B

· Babita: Little girl

· Basanti: Spring, yellowish

· Benita: Blessed, favored

· Bhanumati: Radiant, shining

· Bharati: Goddess Saraswati

· Bhavya: Grand, magnificent

· Bhumi: Earth, land

· Bidya: Knowledge, wisdom

· Bijoya: Victory, triumph

· Bimala: Pure, clean

· Binita: Modest, humble

· Bishnupriya: Beloved of Lord Vishnu

· Brinda: Radha, tulsi plant

· Budhini: Intelligent, wise

· Binita: Modest, humble

· Bhairavi: Goddess Durga

· Bimala: Pure, clean

· Bhumi: Earth, land

· Bilashini: Full of delight, playful

· Binota: Well-behaved, cultured

· Bishalini: Large, spacious

· Bishakha: Star, constellation

· Borsha: Rainy season

· Budhi: Wisdom, intellect

· Byomakeshori: Goddess Parvati

· Birendrakumari: Princess of courage

· Bristi: Rain

· Bonti: Cute, adorable

· Bitasta: Sunbeam, ray of light

· Bimalina: Pure, spotless

· Babita: Little girl

· Binita: Modest, humble

· Bulbuli: Nightingale

· Bela: Time, moment

· Bishika: Arrow

Manipuri Most Popular Baby Girl Names Starting with C

· Chaanu: Brilliant, shining

· Chabungbam: The end of the hills

· Chaithra: The first month of the Hindu calendar

· Chalimba: Rainbow

· Chandana: Sandalwood

· Chandni: Moonlight

· Chanu: Pretty, beautiful

· Chari: Loving, affectionate

· Charu: Beautiful, charming

· Charvi: Beautiful, lovely

· Chhavi: Reflection, image

· Chhaya: Shadow

· Chhutki: Small, tiny

· Chitra: Picture, painting

· Chitrika: Picture, portrait

· Chumki: Sparkling, glittering

· Chanchal: Lively, playful

· Chetana: Consciousness, awareness

· Chhabi: Image, likeness

· Chhori: Daughter, girl

· Chinglen: Beautiful, pleasing

· Chinglensana: One with beautiful looks

· Chitralekha: Beautiful picture

· Chumthang: Beautiful field

· Churamani: Jewel worn on the nose

· Chingtham: Beautiful land

· Chourajit: Famous, renowned

· Chinthoi: Full moon

· Chanam: Love, affection

· Chongtham: Beautiful village

· Chaoba: Loved, cherished

· Chitaranjan: Pleasing, delightful

· Chaofu: Beautiful lady

· Chaoba: Loved, cherished

· Chaokhomba: King of love

Manipuri Most Popular Baby Girl Names Starting with D

· Damayanti: Subduing, self-restrained

· Darshana: Vision, seeing

· Daya: Compassion, kindness

· Debjani: Offering to the gods

· Devi: Goddess, divine

· Dhanalakshmi: Goddess of wealth

· Dhriti: Patience, perseverance

· Diksha: Initiation, dedication

· Dipali: Row of lamps, light

· Disha: Direction, path

· Diti: Earth, wife of sage Kashyap

· Divya: Divine, heavenly

· Dolina: A small gift

· Drishya: Seen, visible

· Dwija: Twice-born, Brahmin

· Daksha: Skillful, competent

· Damini: Lightning

· Darpana: Mirror, reflection

· Debasmita: Smiling like a goddess

· Deepika: Lamp, light

· Devika: Little goddess

· Dhanashree: Wealth, prosperity

· Dhriti: Patience, determination

· Dipti: Brightness, radiance

· Dolly: Cute, beloved

· Doyel: Songbird, cuckoo

· Dulina: A small gift

· Durga: Goddess Durga

· Darsika: Spectator, observer

· Dayana: Gift of God

· Debosmita: Smiling like a goddess

· Dikshita: Initiated, dedicated

· Dishari: Directional, guiding

· Divisha: Heavenly, divine

· Divitri: Divine light

Manipuri Most Popular Baby Girl Names Starting with E

· Elina: Intelligent, bright

· Esha: Desire, wish

· Eshita: Desired, sought after

· Eshana: Search, longing

· Ekantha: Solitude, tranquility

· Ekta: Unity, harmony

· Elakshi: One with beautiful eyes

· Elina: Beautiful, graceful

· Eshika: Arrow

· Eshwari: Goddess Parvati

· Eshwari: Goddess Parvati

· Eila: Earth, world

· Eshitha: Desire, longing

· Echika: One who is deeply loved

· Ekamra: The city of temples

· Elina: Intelligent, bright

· Eshaal: Flower, blossom

· Ekanjali: Offering with one hand

· Ektara: Musical instrument with one string

· Eila: The earth, world

· Elisa: Devoted to God

· Epsita: Desired, cherished

· Eshana: Desire, aspiration

· Esita: Desired, wished for

· Ekisha: One ruler

· Ekaparnika: Goddess Durga

· Ekata: Unity, oneness

· Ekshita: Seen, observed

· Eshitha: Desire, wish

· Eeshani: Goddess Parvati

· Eela: Earth, the world

· Ekashini: One-eyed, with a beautiful eye

· Eshma: Desire, ambition

· Eshta: Beloved, cherished

· Ekansha: Exclusive, unique

Manipuri Most Popular Baby Girl Names Starting with F

· Foujia: An Arabic name meaning "winner" or "victorious."

· Falguni: Refers to the Hindu month of "Falgun," associated with the arrival of spring.

· Faina: A name of Russian origin meaning "shining" or "glowing."

· Farida: An Arabic name meaning "unique" or "precious."

· Fawni: A name of Native American origin meaning "happiness" or "joy."

· Farina: Refers to a type of flour, derived from the Latin word "farina."

· Fanai: A Manipuri name associated with traditional folklore.

· Firdaus: An Arabic name referring to the highest level of paradise in Islamic belief.

· Feli: A diminutive form of the name Felicia, meaning "happy" or "fortunate."

· Flera: A name of Latin origin meaning "flower."

Manipuri Most Popular Baby Girl Names Starting with G

· Ganga: The sacred river Ganges

· Geetika: A small song, melody

· Gulabi: Rose-like, pink

· Gitanjali: Offering of songs

· Gauri: Fair, white, goddess Parvati

· Gita: Song, sacred text

· Gunjan: Buzzing of a bee, humming

· Garima: Dignity, grace

· Gazala: Intelligent, charming

· Girija: Daughter of the mountain, goddess Parvati

· Gitashri: Goddess of song

· Gomati: River Gomati

· Grishma: Summer season

· Gouri: Fair, bright, goddess Parvati

· Gopika: Cowherd girl, beloved of Lord Krishna

· Gurjari: A girl from Gujarat

· Gayatri: A sacred Vedic mantra, goddess of knowledge

· Gitali: Melodious, musical

· Gandhari: Wife of King Dhritarashtra in the Mahabharata

· Gyanada: Giver of knowledge

· Gargi: An ancient scholar, wise woman

· Gunjita: Humming, resonating

· Gangotri: The origin of the river Ganges

· Gulmohar: A type of flowering tree

· Gourangi: Fair complexioned, beautiful

· Gopa: Cowherd, protector of cows

· Ghanika: Melodious, musical

· Gunjan: Humming, buzzing

· Gitali: Melodious, musical

· Gopika: Cowherd girl, beloved of Lord Krishna

· Gomati: River Gomati

· Grishma: Summer season

· Gayatri: A sacred Vedic mantra, goddess of knowledge

· Gyanada: Giver of knowledge

· Gaurangi: Fair complexioned, beautiful

Manipuri Most Popular Baby Girl Names Starting with H

· Haimavati: Goddess Parvati, consort of Lord Shiva

· Harshita: Joyful, happy

· Hemakshi: Golden-eyed

· Himani: Daughter of the Himalayas

· Hina: A fragrant flowering shrub

· Hiranya: Golden, made of gold

· Hiral: Lustrous, radiant

· Hita: Well-wisher, benefactor

· Hiya: Heart, soul

· Hamsa: Swan

· Hamsini: One who rides a swan

· Haya: Shyness, modesty

· Harita: Green, lush

· Harshini: Joyful, delightful

· Hasina: Beautiful, charming

· Hemangi: Golden-bodied

· Himadri: Mountain, snow-clad peaks

· Hitaishi: Friendly, helpful

· Hriya: Lovable, dear

· Hrishti: Happiness, joy

· Hetal: Friendly, affectionate

· Hina: A shrub with fragrant flowers

· Hiranya: Golden, made of gold

· Hiral: Lustrous, radiant

· Hita: Goodness, kindness

· Hiya: Heart, soul

· Hamsa: Swan

· Hamsini: One who rides a swan

· Harika: Melodious, musical

· Haya: Shyness, modesty

· Harsha: Happiness, delight

· Harshitha: Joyous, delighted

· Hasina: Beautiful, charming

· Hemal: Golden, made of gold

· Hitaishi: Friendly, helpful

Manipuri Most Popular Baby Girl Names Starting with I

· Ima: Mother

· Ibemcha: Unique woman

· Ibetombi: Daughter of a mother

· Ibemcha: Unique woman

· Ibemni: Queen

· Ibevi: Blessed

· Ibei: Precious

· Ibungomacha: Auspicious girl

· Ibungo: Gift

· Ichel: Queenly

· Ichha: Desire, wish

· Iheima: Bright and radiant

· Ihembi: Delightful

· Ihembi: Delightful

· Ihemnganbi: One who brings joy

· Ihemtabi: Beloved daughter

· Imanleima: Beloved mother

· Imobi: Unique, special

· Imocha: Light, brightness

· Imoinu: An ancient Manipuri princess

· Inaobi: Happy, cheerful

· Inaotombi: Happy girl

· Ingallei: Beautiful

· Ingellei: Beautiful

· Ingkanbi: Beautiful lady

· Ingocha: Charming

· Ingoleima: Beautiful mother

· Ingolet: Charming and attractive

· Ingotombi: Beautiful girl

· Ingudam: One who is beautiful and good-hearted

· Inku: Beautiful, elegant

· Inmashi: Beautiful and sweet

· Inubala: Charming, attractive

· Inubrata: Charming, beautiful

· Inutomba: Beautiful daughter

Manipuri Most Popular Baby Girl Names Starting with J

· Jamini: Night

· Jaya: Victory, success

· Joyshree: Full of happiness

· Jyotika: Light, flame

· Jyotsna: Moonlight

· Jagrati: Awakening, alertness

· Jeevika: Life

· Jharna: Waterfall

· Jhalak: Glimpse, reflection

· Janani: Mother

· Jhilmil: Sparkling, twinkling

· Janhavi: River Ganga

· Jhinuk: Pearl

· Jaya: Victorious, triumphant

· Joya: Jewel, precious stone

· Jhuma: Sparkle, glitter

· Jaya: Goddess Durga

· Jyoti: Light, flame

· Jahnabi: Another name for the river Ganga

· Jhinuk: Pearl

· Jagruti: Awareness, awakening

· Jeevana: Life, existence

· Jhilik: Sparkling, twinkling

· Janhvi: River Ganga

· Jhumur: A traditional Manipuri dance form

· Jaya: Victorious, triumphant

· Jyotsana: Illuminating, radiant

· Janani: Mother, nurturer

· Jharna: Waterfall

· Jhalak: Glimpse, sight

· Jhumki: Traditional Manipuri earring

· Jaya: Goddess Durga

· Jyotika: Illuminated, radiant

· Jeevika: Life, livelihood

· Joya: Jewel, gem

Manipuri Most Popular Baby Girl Names Starting with K

· Kamala: Lotus, goddess Lakshmi

· Kanika: Small particle, grain

· Kaveri: Name of a river

· Kiran: Ray of light, sunbeam

· Kalyani: Auspicious, fortunate

· Kirti: Fame, glory

· Keerti: Fame, reputation

· Khusi: Happiness, joy

· Kaaya: Body

· Kajal: Eyeliner, kohl

· Kalyani: Auspicious, blissful

· Kanak: Gold, golden

· Karishma: Miracle, wonder

· Kaveri: Sacred river in India

· Kavita: Poetry, poem

· Khusboo: Fragrance, aroma

· Komal: Tender, delicate

· Kashvi: Shining, radiant

· Kavya: Poem, poetry

· Khushi: Happiness, joy

· Kajal: Eyeliner, kohl

· Kanika: Seed, small particle

· Karishma: Miracle, marvel

· Kaveri: Name of a river

· Kavita: Poetry, verse

· Kirti: Fame, reputation

· Kritika: Star, constellation

· Kuhu: The sweet sound of a bird

· Kalyani: Auspicious, blessed

· Karuna: Compassion, mercy

· Khushi: Joy, happiness

· Kavya: Poetry, literary work

· Kirti: Fame, glory

· Kalyani: Auspicious, blessed

· Kanaklata: Golden creeper

Manipuri Most Popular Baby Girl Names Starting with L

· Lajwanti: Modesty, shyness

· Lalita: Beautiful, playful

· Lekha: Writing, document

· Lila: Divine play, amusement

· Lima: A citrus fruit

· Lily: Lily flower

· Lochana: Eye, sight

· Lopamudra: A mythical female character

· Loveness: Love, affection

· Laxmi: Goddess of wealth, prosperity

· Lakshmi: Goddess of wealth, fortune

· Leela: Divine play, enchantment

· Lalasa: Desire, longing

· Laishram: A traditional Manipuri name

· Lina: Tender, delicate

· Lisa: Devoted to God

· Lata: Vine, creeper

· Lira: Devotee of Lord Krishna

· Loitongbam: A Manipuri family name

· Loli: Beloved, darling

· Lalmati: Red soil

· Lamyanba: A Manipuri historical figure

· Likmabam: A Manipuri family name

· Lumshen: Moonlight

· Luchingbam: A Manipuri family name

· Lekhani: One who writes

· Leimapokpam: A Manipuri family name

· Lourembam: A Manipuri family name

· Lingdouni: Pure hearted

· Laimayum: A Manipuri family name

· Laltombi: A Manipuri name

· Longjam: A Manipuri family name

· Luwang: A Manipuri historical figure

· Laimayum: A Manipuri family name

· Loitongbam: A Manipuri family name

Manipuri Most Popular Baby Girl Names Starting with M

· Mala: Garland, necklace

· Manasi: Mind, intellect

· Meera: Devotee of Lord Krishna

· Megha: Cloud

· Minati: Prayer, request

· Mina: Fish, love

· Madhavi: Springtime, a creeper with beautiful flowers

· Mahika: Earth, fragrance

· Manisha: Wise, intelligent

· Mohini: Enchantress, beautiful

· Mridula: Gentle, soft

· Mithra: Friend, companion

· Mahi: The earth, great one

· Mayuri: Peacock, a beautiful bird

· Mahika: Dew drops, fragrance

· Meena: Fish, gemstone

· Mina: Fish, love

· Madhurima: Sweetness

· Mahasweta: White moon

· Malaya: Fragrant, sandalwood

· Malini: Fragrant, beautiful

· Mandira: Temple, house

· Manali: A famous hill station in India

· Meenakshi: Fish-eyed, a goddess

· Mina: Enamel work, love

· Mitali: Friendly, bond

· Mohana: Attractive, enchanting

· Monalisa: A beautiful painting, smile of a woman

· Mrinali: Lotus stem, lotus

· Munmuni: Blossoming, blooming

· Manimala: Garland of pearls

· Meiraba: A Manipuri name meaning "moonlight"

· Mila: Beloved, gracious

· Mahasri: Great, auspicious

· Maira: Moon, prosperous

Manipuri Most Popular Baby Girl Names Starting with N

· Nalini: Lotus, sweet fragrance

· Nandini: Delightful, joyful

· Narmada: A sacred river in India

· Niharika: Dewdrops, misty

· Nirupama: Unique, incomparable

· Nisha: Night, darkness

· Nitya: Eternal, constant

· Nilima: Blue, sapphire

· Nandita: Happy, joyful

· Navami: Ninth day of the lunar month

· Nibedita: Dedicated, devoted

· Nirmala: Pure, clean

· Namrata: Humility, modesty

· Neelam: Sapphire, precious stone

· Nidhi: Treasure, wealth

· Naina: Eyes, beautiful eyes

· Navita: New, fresh

· Nayana: Eyes, beautiful eyes

· Neetu: Variant of Nita, guide

· Neha: Love, affection

· Niranjana: Pure, spotless

· Nishita: Nighttime, sharp

· Nandini: Daughter, delightful

· Nityashree: Eternal beauty

· Nupur: Anklet, musical anklet

· Nalini: Lotus, delicate

· Nirmayi: Pure, clean

· Nibedita: Devoted, dedicated

· Nutan: New, fresh

· Nandita: Happy, joyful

· Navami: Ninth day of the lunar month

· Nirmala: Pure, spotless

· Neelam: Sapphire, precious stone

· Nidhi: Treasure, wealth

· Nirupama: Incomparable, unique

Manipuri Most Popular Baby Girl Names Starting with P

· Pabitra: Pure, sacred

· Padma: Lotus

· Parineeta: Married woman

· Parul: Graceful, beautiful

· Pari: Fairy, angel

· Pihu: Chirping of a bird

· Poonam: Full moon

· Pragati: Progress, development

· Prakriti: Nature

· Pratibha: Talent, brilliance

· Preeti: Love, affection

· Poulomi: Indra's wife, a Hindu mythological name

· Pushpa: Flower

· Padmini: Lotus

· Pallavi: New leaves, budding

· Prarthana: Prayer

· Purnima: Full moon

· Punam: Full moon

· Pratiksha: Wait, anticipation

· Prity: Love, affection

· Paromita: Beautiful

· Parijat: A celestial flower

· Payal: Anklet, foot ornament

· Phalguni: A month in the Hindu calendar

· Piku: Peacock

· Piyali: Sweet, beloved

· Punarnavi: New, fresh

· Pranjali: Offering, folded hands

· Prema: Love, affection

· Padmapriya: Beloved of lotus

· Puspanjali: Offering of flowers

· Padmini: Residing in lotus

· Pranita: Promised, offered

· Pankaja: Lotus, born from mud

· Purnita: Complete, fulfilled

Manipuri Most Popular Baby Girl Names Starting with R

· Radha: Beloved of Lord Krishna

· Rashi: Collection, heap

· Rina: Joy, singing

· Rekha: Line, streak

· Rima: White antelope

· Ritu: Season

· Roshni: Light, brightness

· Rina: Melted, dissolved

· Ritu: Season

· Roshni: Light, illumination

· Riya: Singer, graceful

· Roopa: Beautiful, form

· Ranjana: Pleasing, charming

· Rupali: Beautiful, pretty

· Rajani: Night

· Ritu: Season

· Roshni: Light, radiance

· Rashmi: Ray of light

· Rima: White antelope

· Roshini: Brightness, illumination

· Ratna: Jewel

· Reena: Gem, precious stone

· Rima: White antelope

· Rina: Melted, dissolved

· Roopali: Beautiful, lovely

· Roshanara: Illuminated, shining

· Ruchi: Taste, interest

· Rajalakshmi: Goddess Lakshmi

· Ritu: Season

· Roshni: Light, radiance

· Raima: Pleasing, charming

· Reema: White antelope

· Rina: Joy, happiness

· Rupika: Beautiful, attractive

· Rekha: Line, streak

Manipuri Most Popular Baby Girl Names Starting with S

· Sabitri: Goddess Durga

· Sana: Radiance, brilliance

· Sanjita: Triumphant, victorious

· Sangita: Music, melody

· Saraswati: Goddess of knowledge, arts, and wisdom

· Sarmila: Shy, modest

· Seema: Boundary, limit

· Senorita: Miss, young lady

· Shakuntala: Brought up by birds, a character in Hindu mythology

· Shanti: Peace, tranquility

· Sheela: Good character, conduct

· Shreya: Auspicious, fortunate

· Shubha: Auspicious, virtuous

· Simran: Remembrance, meditation

· Soma: Moon, nectar

· Sonia: Golden, wise

· Sushma: Beautiful, attractive

· Sunita: Well-behaved, disciplined

· Surabhi: Fragrance, beauty

· Swapna: Dream, aspiration

· Sweta: White, pure

· Sabina: Beautiful

· Sadhana: Practice, devotion

· Samita: Collected, composed

· Sandhya: Evening, twilight

· Sanjita: Victorious, triumphant

· Sarita: River, flowing water

· Sharmila: Modest, shy

· Shikha: Flame, peak

· Shivangi: Beautiful body part of Lord Shiva

· Shruti: Hearing, knowledge

· Smrita: Remembered, cherished

· Sudha: Nectar, ambrosia

· Sumitra: Good friend, friendly

· Sushmita: Beautiful smile, graceful

Manipuri Most Popular Baby Girl Names Starting with T

· Tamanna: Desire, wish

· Tanvi: Delicate, beautiful

· Tarini: Goddess who saves

· Tithi: Date, auspicious day

· Trisha: Thirst, desire

· Tuli: Quiet, peaceful

· Tushita: Satisfied, content

· Tania: Fairy queen, princess

· Tapasya: Meditation, penance

· Tejal: Radiant, bright

· Tejashri: Radiant beauty

· Tripti: Satisfaction, contentment

· Trisha: Star, wish

· Triveni: Confluence of three rivers

· Tista: A river in India

· Tuhina: Snow, dewdrop

· Tisha: Happiness, joy

· Taniya: Fairy princess

· Tamanna: Desire, wish

· Tanuja: Daughter

· Taruni: Young girl

· Trishna: Thirst, desire

· Tanaya: Daughter

· Tapasya: Meditation, austerity

· Tithi: Auspicious day, date

· Tista: Name of a river

· Trina: Grass, blade

· Triya: Young girl

· Tarika: Starlet, celestial body

· Tannvi: Beautiful, delicate

· Trishita: Desired, aspired

· Tuli: Calm, peaceful

· Tuhina: Dewdrop, snowflake

· Tanika: Rope, slender

· Tushara: Snow, winter

Manipuri Most Popular Baby Girl Names Starting with U

· Uma: Goddess Parvati

· Usha: Dawn, morning

· Udita: Risen, elevated

· Urmi: Wave

· Upasana: Worship, devotion

· Urvashi: Celestial maiden

· Ujjwala: Bright, radiant

· Unnati: Progress, growth

· Uttara: North, higher

· Urmila: Enchanting, beautiful

· Ushma: Heat, warmth

· Utpala: Water lily

· Udaya: Dawn, sunrise

· Urmila: Wife of Lord Rama

· Urvi: Earth

· Ushashi: Morning, delightful

· Ujala: Bright, clear

· Upama: Comparison, simile

· Urvashi: Heavenly nymph

· Unnati: Progress, development

· Usha: Sunrise, dawn

· Ujjaini: An ancient city in India

· Umika: Goddess Parvati

· Upasna: Meditation, worship

· Urvi: Earth

· Utpala: Lotus, blue water lily

· Urmika: Small wave

· Urja: Energy, power

· Urmika: Enchanting, beautiful

· Ushashi: Morning, delightful

· Uttara: Daughter of King Virata in Mahabharata

· Uma: Goddess Parvati

· Urvi: Earth, wide

· Upma: Example, comparison

· Ujjwala: Luminous, radiant

Manipuri Most Popular Baby Girl Names Starting with V

· Vaishali: An ancient city in India

· Vandana: Worship, adoration

· Varsha: Rain, shower

· Vibha: Radiant, shining

· Vidya: Knowledge, wisdom

· Vinita: Modest, humble

· Vijaya: Victory, triumph

· Vrinda: Tulsi (holy basil) plant

· Vimala: Pure, clean

· Vanita: Woman, lady

· Veda: Sacred knowledge

· Veena: Musical instrument

· Vrinda: Basil, holy plant

· Vanya: Gracious gift of God

· Vibhuti: Holy ash, divine power

· Vishakha: Star, branch of a tree

· Vaidehi: Sita, wife of Lord Rama

· Varuni: Goddess Durga

· Vimali: Pure, spotless

· Vinaya: Humility, modesty

· Vriddhi: Growth, progress

· Varsha: Rain, monsoon

· Vedika: Altar, place of worship

· Vinita: Requester, humble

· Vanshika: Flute, melodious

· Vibha: Radiance, brightness

· Visha: Poison, venom

· Vatsala: Affectionate, loving

· Vihana: Morning, dawn

· Vrisha: Cow, Taurus zodiac sign

· Vasudha: Earth, goddess of wealth

· Viniti: Modesty, humility

· Vritti: Nature, behavior

· Varuna: Goddess of the sea

· Vrishti: Rainfall, shower

Manipuri Most Popular Baby Girl Names Starting with Y

· Yaima: Miraculous

· Yanglembi: Delightful

· Yengkhom: Derived from Yengkhom, meaning "joyful"

· Yengkokpam: Derived from Yengkokpam, meaning "fortunate"

· Yengong: Derived from Yengong, meaning "blessed"

· Yambem: Derived from Yambem, meaning "lovable"

· Yambemcha: Derived from Yambemcha, meaning "loving"

· Yaisana: Derived from Yaisana, meaning "amazing"

· Yaiphabi: Derived from Yaiphabi, meaning "gracious"

· Yaimichak: Derived from Yaimichak, meaning "miraculous"

· Yumkham: Derived from Yumkham, meaning "fortunate"

· Yaimaiching: Derived from Yaimaiching, meaning "miraculous"

· Yaimaipu: Derived from Yaimaipu, meaning "miracle"

· Yurembam: Derived from Yurembam, meaning "precious"

· Yurembamcha: Derived from Yurembamcha, meaning "precious"

· Manipuri Most Popular Baby Girl Names Starting with Z

· Ziba: Beautiful

· Zimik: Derived from Zimik, meaning "grateful"

· Zimikcha: Derived from Zimikcha, meaning "grateful"

· Zingbam: Derived from Zingbam, meaning "glorious"

· Zingbamcha: Derived from Zingbamcha, meaning "glorious"

· Zisuwon: Derived from Zisuwon, meaning "triumphant"

· Zisuwoncha: Derived from Zisuwoncha, meaning "triumphant"

· Zimikchabam: Derived from Zimikchabam, meaning "grateful"

· Zingbamiching: Derived from Zingbamiching, meaning "glorious"

· Zisuwonbam: Derived from Zisuwonbam, meaning "triumphant"

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