Peru Baby Boy Names with Meaning

Peru Baby Boy Names

Peru Baby names are exceptional because of the country's rich social legacy, native customs, and verifiable importance. Peru is a different country situated in South America, known for its old civilizations, like the Inca Domain, as well as its multicultural present.

Moreover, Peru has areas of strength for a to its native roots. Numerous Peruvian child names have Quechua or Aymara beginnings, which are native dialects spoken in the country. Names like Inti, Qori, Illari, and Cusi are ordinarily picked, mirroring the hereditary legacy and native customs of Peru.

In addition, Peruvian child names frequently convey profound implications connected with nature, otherworldliness, and the social upsides of the country. Names might be roused by the rich biodiversity of Peru, for example, names related with creatures, plants, or regular scenes. They may likewise reflect strict or profound convictions, respecting gods or encapsulating temperances and characteristics that guardians wish for their youngsters.

Peru child names commend the social variety and antiquated legacy of the country. They interface people to their genealogical roots, convey profound implications, and act as a method for safeguarding and honor Peruvian practices. Peruvian child names are an impression of the country's energetic history, native impacts, and the qualities and yearnings of its kin.

Peru Most Trending Boy Baby Names Start with A

· Alejandro - Defender of mankind.

· Amaru - Serpent; symbol of power and wisdom in Incan culture.

· Andrés - Spanish form of Andrew; meaning "strong and manly."

· Anselmo - Protected by God.

· Augusto - Spanish form of Augustus; meaning "majestic" or "venerable."

· Aymar - Noble and famous.

· Aldo - Old and wise.

· Armando - Spanish form of Herman; meaning "soldier" or "warrior."

Peru Most Trending Boy Baby Names Start with B

· Baltasar - Spanish form of Balthazar; meaning "God protect the king."

· Benicio - Spanish form of Benedict; meaning "blessed."

· Bruno - Brown-haired; derived from the Germanic element "brun."

· Bernardo - Spanish form of Bernard; meaning "brave bear."

· Bastián - Short form of Sebastián; meaning "venerable" or "revered."

· Blas - Spanish form of Blaise; meaning "stammerer" or "one who lisps."

· Beltrán - Spanish form of Bertrand; meaning "bright raven."

· Braulio - Derived from the Germanic name "Hrodulf," meaning "famous wolf."

Peru Most Trending Boy Baby Names Start with C

· César - Spanish form of Caesar; meaning "to be hairy" or "head of hair."

· Camilo - Spanish form of Camillus; meaning "attendant at a religious ceremony."

· Casimiro - Spanish form of Casimir; meaning "proclaimer of peace."

· Cristóbal - Spanish form of Christopher; meaning "bearer of Christ."

· Claudio - Spanish form of Claudius; meaning "lame" or "crippled."

· Ciro - Spanish form of Cyrus; meaning "sun" or "lord."

· Conrado - Spanish form of Conrad; meaning "brave counsel."

· Carmelo - Spanish form of Carmel; meaning "garden" or "vineyard."

Peru Most Trending Boy Baby Names Start with D

· Damián - Spanish form of Damian; meaning "to tame" or "subdue."

· Diego - Spanish form of James; meaning "supplanter."

· Daniel - God is my judge.

· Darío - Spanish form of Darius; meaning "holder of goodness."

· Domingo - Spanish form of Dominic; meaning "belonging to the Lord."

· Demetrio - Spanish form of Demetrius; meaning "follower of Demeter."

· Dante - Enduring; steadfast.

· Delfín - Spanish form of Delphinus; meaning "dolphin."

Peru Most Trending Boy Baby Names Start with E

· Enrique - Spanish form of Henry; meaning "ruler of the household."

· Esteban - Spanish form of Stephen; meaning "crown" or "wreath."

· Emiliano - Spanish form of Emil; meaning "rival" or "laborious."

· Eduardo - Spanish form of Edward; meaning "wealthy guardian."

· Elías - Spanish form of Elijah; meaning "my God is Yahweh."

· Efraín - Spanish form of Ephraim; meaning "fruitful" or "productive."

· Eloy - Spanish form of Eligius; meaning "chosen one" or "elect."

· Edmundo - Spanish form of Edmund; meaning "protector of prosperity."

Peru Most Trending Boy Baby Names Start with F

· Fabio - Derived from the Roman family name "Fabius"; meaning "bean grower" or "bean seller."

· Fernando - Spanish form of Ferdinand; meaning "brave journey" or "bold voyager."

· Felipe - Spanish form of Philip; meaning "lover of horses."

· Flavio - Spanish form of Flavius; meaning "golden-haired" or "yellow."

· Federico - Spanish form of Frederick; meaning "peaceful ruler."

· Fermín - Derived from the Latin word "ferminius," meaning "strong" or "resolute."

· Fausto - Spanish form of Faust; meaning "fortunate" or "lucky."

· Filemón - Spanish form of Philemon; meaning "affectionate" or "kiss."

Peru Most Trending Boy Baby Names Start with G

· Gabriel - God is my strength.

· Gonzalo - Spanish form of Gundisalvus; meaning "battle" or "war."

· Gerardo - Spanish form of Gerard; meaning "spear" or "brave."

· Gilberto - Spanish form of Gilbert; meaning "bright pledge."

· Gino - Short form of names ending in "gino," meaning "youth" or "young."

· Guillermo - Spanish form of William; meaning "resolute protector."

· Genaro - Spanish form of Januarius; meaning "January" or "stern."

· Gregorio - Spanish form of Gregory; meaning "watchful" or "vigilant."

Peru Most Trending Boy Baby Names Start with H

· Hernán - Spanish form of Hernando; meaning "bold voyager" or "adventurous."

· Héctor - Spanish form of Hector; meaning "holding fast" or "steadfast."

· Hugo - Spanish form of Hugh; meaning "mind" or "intellect."

· Haroldo - Spanish form of Harold; meaning "army ruler."

· Helio - Spanish form of Helios; meaning "sun" or "sunlight."

· Heraclio - Derived from Heraclius; meaning "glory of Hera" or "Hera's hero."

· Heriberto - Spanish form of Herbert; meaning "illustrious warrior."

· Humberto - Spanish form of Humbert; meaning "bright support" or "bright warrior."

Peru Most Trending Boy Baby Names Start with I

· Íñigo - Variant of Ignatius; meaning "fiery" or "ardent."

· Isaac - He will laugh; derived from the Hebrew name Yitzhak.

· Israel - He who struggles with God; derived from the Hebrew name Yisra'el.

· Ismael - God will hear; derived from the Hebrew name Yishma'el.

· Iván - Spanish form of Ivan; meaning "God is gracious."

· Isidro - Spanish form of Isidore; meaning "gift of Isis" or "gift of the goddess Ishtar."

· Ivo - Spanish form of Ives; meaning "yew wood" or "archer."

· Ignacio - Spanish form of Ignatius; meaning "fiery" or "ardent."

Peru Most Trending Boy Baby Names Start with J

· Javier - Spanish form of Xavier; meaning "bright" or "splendid."

· Juan - Spanish form of John; meaning "God is gracious."

· Jorge - Spanish form of George; meaning "farmer" or "earthworker."

· Josué - Spanish form of Joshua; meaning "God is salvation."

· Julián - Spanish form of Julian; meaning "youthful" or "downy."

· Jesús - Spanish form of Jesus; meaning "savior" or "God is salvation."

· Jerónimo - Spanish form of Jerome; meaning "sacred name" or "holy name."

· Jonás - Spanish form of Jonah; meaning "dove."

Peru Most Trending Boy Baby Names Start with K

· Kiro - Meaning unknown, likely of Quechua or Aymara origin.

· Kusi - Quechua name meaning "happy" or "joyful."

· Killa - Quechua name for the moon, symbolizing feminine energy.

· Kuntur - Quechua name for the condor, representing freedom and power.

· Kachiri - Quechua name meaning "moonlight."

· Kancha - Quechua name for a sacred Inca enclosure.

· Kusi Ñan - Quechua name meaning "happy path" or "path of joy."

· Killke - Quechua name for the ancient indigenous people of Peru.

Peru Most Trending Boy Baby Names Start with L

· Lorenzo - Spanish form of Lawrence; meaning "from Laurentum" or "laurel-crowned."

· Lucas - Spanish form of Luke; meaning "from Lucania" or "light."

· Leonardo - Spanish form of Leonard; meaning "brave lion" or "lion-hearted."

· Luis - Spanish form of Louis; meaning "famous warrior" or "renowned in battle."

· Lautaro - Mapuche name of uncertain meaning, often interpreted as "swift hawk."

· Leandro - Spanish form of Leander; meaning "lion of a man" or "lion-man."

· Lázaro - Spanish form of Lazarus; meaning "God has helped."

· Luciano - Spanish form of Lucianus; meaning "light" or "bright."

Peru Most Trending Boy Baby Names Start with M

· Mateo - Spanish form of Matthew; meaning "gift of God."

· Manuel - Spanish form of Emmanuel; meaning "God is with us."

· Miguel - Spanish form of Michael; meaning "who is like God?"

· Mauricio - Spanish form of Maurice; meaning "dark-skinned" or "Moorish."

· Maximiliano - Spanish form of Maximilian; meaning "greatest" or "most excellent."

· Mariano - Spanish form of Marianus; meaning "of the sea" or "sea of bitterness."

· Marcos - Spanish form of Mark; meaning "male" or "warlike."

· Martín - Spanish form of Martin; meaning "warrior" or "dedicated to Mars."

Peru Most Trending Boy Baby Names Start with N

· Nicolás - Spanish form of Nicholas; meaning "victory of the people."

· Norberto - Spanish form of Norbert; meaning "north bright" or "northern brightness."

· Néstor - Spanish form of Nestor; meaning "wisdom" or "voyager."

· Nelson - Derived from the Old English name Nell; meaning "son of Neil."

· Nilo - Spanish form of Nile; the river in Egypt.

· Nazario - Spanish form of Nazarius; meaning "from Nazareth."

· Natanael - Spanish form of Nathanael; meaning "gift of God."

· Noé - Spanish form of Noah; meaning "rest" or "comfort."

Peru Most Trending Boy Baby Names Start with O

· Óscar - Derived from Old English; meaning "divine spear" or "god's spear."

· Omar - Derived from the Arabic name Umar; meaning "flourishing" or "prosperous."

· Octavio - Spanish form of Octavius; meaning "eighth" or "eighth-born."

· Orlando - Spanish form of Roland; meaning "famous throughout the land."

· Osvaldo - Spanish form of Oswald; meaning "godly ruler" or "divine power."

· Onofre - Spanish form of Onophrios; meaning "to be useful" or "profitable."

· Onán - Spanish form of Onan; meaning "strong" or "vigorous."

· Ovidio - Spanish form of Ovid; meaning "sheepherder" or "shepherd."

Peru Most Trending Boy Baby Names Start with P

· Pedro - Spanish form of Peter; meaning "rock" or "stone."

· Pablo - Spanish form of Paul; meaning "small" or "humble."

· Patricio - Spanish form of Patrick; meaning "nobleman" or "patrician."

· Pascual - Spanish form of Pascal; meaning "of Easter" or "related to Passover."

· Primo - Spanish word for "cousin" or "first."

· Pío - Spanish form of Pius; meaning "pious" or "devout."

· Porfirio - Spanish form of Porphyry; meaning "purple" or "royal."

· Pachacuti - Quechua name meaning "world-shaker" or "earthquake."

Peru Most Trending Boy Baby Names Start with Q

· Quirino - Spanish form of Quirinus; meaning "spear" or "lance."

· Quintín - Spanish form of Quintin; meaning "fifth."

· Quillén - Mapuche name meaning "moon."

· Quimey - Mapuche name meaning "unique" or "one of a kind."

· Quispe - Quechua surname derived from the word for "condor."

· Quenaya - Quechua name meaning "to know" or "to understand."

· Qillqa - Quechua name meaning "silver."

· Quri - Quechua name meaning "gold."

Peru Most Trending Boy Baby Names Start with R

· Rafael - Spanish form of Raphael; meaning "God heals" or "God has healed."

· Roberto - Spanish form of Robert; meaning "bright fame" or "famous brilliance."

· Ramón - Spanish form of Raymond; meaning "wise protector."

· Ricardo - Spanish form of Richard; meaning "strong ruler" or "brave power."

· Renato - Spanish form of Renatus; meaning "born again" or "rebirth."

· Rodolfo - Spanish form of Rudolf; meaning "famous wolf."

· Raimundo - Spanish form of Raymond; meaning "wise protector."

· Rolando - Spanish form of Roland; meaning "famous throughout the land."

Peru Most Trending Boy Baby Names Start with S

· Sebastián - Spanish form of Sebastian; meaning "venerable" or "revered."

· Santiago - Spanish form of James; meaning "supplanter."

· Salvador - Spanish form of Salvatore; meaning "savior" or "rescuer."

· Simón - Spanish form of Simon; meaning "he has heard" or "listener."

· Saúl - Spanish form of Saul; meaning "asked for" or "inquired of."

· Silvestre - Spanish form of Silvester; meaning "of the woods" or "wild."

· Segundo - Spanish word for "second."

· Sandro - Spanish form of Alexander; meaning "defender of the people."

Peru Most Trending Boy Baby Names Start with T

· Tomás - Spanish form of Thomas; meaning "twin."

· Teodoro - Spanish form of Theodore; meaning "gift of God."

· Tadeo - Spanish form of Thaddeus; meaning "gift of God."

· Tobías - Spanish form of Tobias; meaning "God is good."

· Tristán - Spanish form of Tristan; meaning "sorrowful" or "sad."

· Tulio - Spanish form of Tullius; meaning "of the Tullian clan."

· Tito - Spanish form of Titus; meaning "honorable" or "defender."

· Timoteo - Spanish form of Timothy; meaning "honoring God."

Peru Most Trending Boy Baby Names Start with U

· Uriel - Spanish form of Uriah; meaning "God is my light."

· Ulises - Spanish form of Ulysses; meaning "wrathful" or "hateful."

· Urbano - Spanish form of Urban; meaning "from the city" or "urban dweller."

· Unai - Basque name meaning "cowherd" or "shepherd."

· Usnavy - Unique and modern Peruvian name; origin and meaning uncertain.

· Urcusique - Quechua name meaning "jaguar."

· Ukhupacha - Quechua name for the underworld or inner world.

· Úshmal - Quechua name meaning "beetle."

Peru Most Trending Boy Baby Names Start with V

· Valentín - Spanish form of Valentine; meaning "strong" or "healthy."

· Víctor - Spanish form of Victor; meaning "conqueror" or "victory-bringer."

· Vicente - Spanish form of Vincent; meaning "conquering" or "prevailing."

· Vidal - Derived from Latin "vitalis"; meaning "vital" or "full of life."

· Valerio - Spanish form of Valerius; meaning "strong" or "healthy."

· Virgilio - Spanish form of Virgil; meaning "staff bearer" or "wand-wielding."

· Venancio - Spanish form of Venantius; meaning "hunting" or "desire."

· Valqui - Quechua name meaning "son of a warrior."

Peru Most Trending Boy Baby Names Start with W

· Waskar - Quechua name of uncertain meaning, possibly related to "victory."

· Wayra - Quechua name meaning "wind."

· Wiracocha - Quechua name for the creator god in Incan mythology.

· Waira - Quechua name meaning "star."

· Waman - Quechua name meaning "falcon" or "hawk."

· Wilmer - Modern name of uncertain origin, possibly a combination of "Wilhelm" and "Harold."

· Waldo - Derived from the Old German name "Waldan"; meaning "to rule" or "to wield power."

· Walter - Derived from the Old German name "Waldhar"; meaning "ruler of the army."

Peru Most Trending Boy Baby Names Start with Y

· Yahir - Of Arabic origin; meaning "he who enlightens."

· Yonatan - Spanish form of Jonathan; meaning "gift of God."

· Yuri - Of Russian origin; meaning "farmer" or "earthworker."

· Yamil - Of Arabic origin; meaning "beautiful."

· Yaraví - Quechua name for a traditional Peruvian poetic song or melody.

· Yunkar - Quechua name meaning "teardrop."

· Yunko - Quechua name meaning "night."

· Yuraq - Quechua name meaning "white" or "pure."

Peru Most Trending Boy Baby Names Start with Z

· Zacarías - Spanish form of Zachariah; meaning "remembered by God."

· Zenón - Spanish form of Zenon; meaning "gift of Zeus."

· Zahir - Of Arabic origin; meaning "shining" or "brilliant."

· Zavala - Spanish surname of Basque origin; meaning "large field" or "big area."

· Zayro - Modern and unique Peruvian name; origin and meaning uncertain.

· Zumbi - Quechua name meaning "roar" or "rumble."

· Zaraq - Quechua name meaning "yellow."

· Zapaq - Quechua name meaning "scorpion."

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