Bihari Baby Boy Names with Meaning

Bihari Baby Boy Names

Bihari Baby names are known for their uniqueness because of the rich social legacy and various etymological impacts in the locale. Bihar, a state in Eastern India, has a long history and has been home to different lines and realms, including the Mauryas, Guptas, and Mughals. This authentic foundation, alongside the mixture of various dialects and societies, has added to the uniqueness of Bihari names.

Bihar is a semantically different state, with Bhojpuri, Maithili, Magahi, and Angika being a portion of the significant dialects spoken. Every one of these dialects has its own one of a kind arrangement of names and naming shows, bringing about a wide assortment of child names. Furthermore, Bihari names frequently draw motivation from Hindu folklore, nature, and conventional convictions, adding a bit of otherworldliness and social importance to the names.

Individuals of Bihar invest heavily in saving their social legacy and customs, which reflects in their selection of names for their youngsters. They look for names that have profound implications, resound with their social character, and are unmistakable from the normal names tracked down in different locales. This accentuation on uniqueness and social importance leads to a plenty of Bihari child names that stick out and convey a feeling of character and pride for individuals of Bihar.

Bihari Popular Baby Boy Names Starting with A

· Aarav: Peaceful; calm

· Abhinav: Innovative; new

· Abhishek: Anointing; ritual bathing

· Aditya: Sun; son of Aditi

· Akash: Sky; space

· Alok: Brightness; light

· Amar: Immortal; everlasting

· Amit: Infinite; boundless

· Ankit: Conquered; marked

· Anurag: Love; attachment

· Arjun: Bright; shining

· Arnav: Ocean; sea

· Ashish: Blessing; benediction

· Ashutosh: One who is easily pleased; Lord Shiva

· Ayush: Long life

· Abhay: Fearless; brave

· Adarsh: Ideal; perfect

· Ajay: Invincible; unconquerable

· Akshay: Immortal; indestructible

· Aman: Peace; harmony

· Amarjeet: Forever victorious

· Amresh: Lord Indra; king of gods

· Anand: Joy; happiness

· Ankit: Printed; written

· Anmol: Priceless; valuable

· Anshul: Radiant; bright

· Arjit: Earned; deserved

· Arnav: Sea; ocean

· Arvind: Lotus; symbol of purity

· Ashok: Without sorrow; without grief

· Atul: Incomparable; unique

· Avinash: Indestructible; immortal

· Ayushmaan: Long life; blessed with a long life

· Abhijeet: Victorious; conqueror
· Adarsh: Ideal; perfect

· Ajit: Unbeatable; invincible

· Akashdeep: Illumination of the sky; a shining star

· Amardeep: Eternal lamp; forever bright

· Amitabh: Limitless splendor; infinite radiance

· Anant: Infinite; eternal

Bihari Popular Baby Boy Names Starting with B

· Brijesh: Lord of Brij (Lord Krishna)

· Bharat: Descendant of Bharata, India

· Bijay: Victory

· Bimal: Pure, Clean

· Bhola: Innocent, Simple

· Balram: Young Krishna

· Bablu: Loved one

· Biren: Lord of Warriors

· Binod: Joy

· Birju: Brave, Heroic

· Brijeshwar: Lord of the Brij region

· Bihari: Resident of Bihar

· Bimalendu: Pure Moon

· Brajesh: Lord of Braj (Lord Krishna)

· Balmukund: Young Krishna

· Bhavesh: Lord of Expression

· Binay: Humble

· Bishal: Huge, Great

· Bhuvan: Earth, World

· Bhupendra: King of Kings

· Bhanu: Sun

· Bimaljeet: Pure Victory

· Bhaskar: Sun, Light

· Bishnu: Lord Vishnu

· Bhupesh: King of the Earth

· Bhanupratap: Sun's Glory

· Bimalananda: Pure Joy

· Bhargav: Lord Shiva

· Brijmohan: Lord Krishna

· Binaya: Modest

· Bijendra: Lord of the Kings

· Bhuvanesh: Lord of the World

· Bhuban: World

· Bhimsen: Mighty, Powerful

· Badri: Lord Vishnu

· Birenjit: Winner of the Battle

· Bhagirath: Ancient King, The one who brought River Ganga to Earth

· Bhupal: King

· Bhavishya: Future

· Bimalanath: Pure Lord

Bihari Popular Baby Boy Names Starting with C

· Chaitanya: Consciousness; life

· Chandan: Sandalwood; a precious wood

· Chandrakant: Beloved by the moon; a gemstone

· Chetan: Consciousness; soul

· Chirag: Lamp; light

· Chetan: Full of spirit; conscious

· Chiranjeev: Immortal; eternal being

· Chaitanya: Energy; consciousness

· Charan: Feet; humble

· Chandan: Scented wood; sandalwood

· Chandrakant: Beloved by the moon; moonstone

· Charanjit: One who has won over the mind and heart

· Chetan: Perceptive; conscious

· Chirag: Lamp; light

· Chitranjan: Inner joy; delighting in oneself

· Chakradhar: One who holds the divine discus; Lord Vishnu

· Chanchal: Restless; playful

· Charit: Good character; virtuous

· Chintan: Meditation; thoughtful

· Chirayu: Long-lived; immortal

· Chitresh: Lord of the soul; ruler of the mind

· Chandrabhan: Moonlight; shining like the moon

· Chander: Moon; shining

· Charanpreet: Love for the feet; devoted to the feet

· Chetanya: Full of life; consciousness

· Chiranjeev: Immortal; one who lives forever

· Chittaranjan: Delighting in the mind; joyful

· Chakrapani: Holder of the discus; Lord Vishnu

· Chanchal: Lively; restless

· Charudatta: Beautifully adorned; handsome

· Chirantan: Eternal; everlasting

· Chintamani: Wish-fulfilling gem; a mythical gem

· Chitraksh: Beautiful-eyed; one with captivating eyes

· Chiragdeep: Illuminated lamp; radiant light

· Chandresh: Lord of the moon; ruler of the moon

· Chetanpreet: Love for consciousness; love for life

· Chitrabhanu: Radiant like the sun; one with a shining personality

· Chiranjeev: Immortal being; one who has eternal life

· Chandrakiran: Ray of the moon; moonbeam

· Charudutta: Gifted with charm; blessed with beauty

Bihari Popular Baby Boy Names Starting with D

· Dinesh: Lord of the day, Sun

· Devendra: King of Gods

· Deepak: Lamp, Light

· Durgesh: Lord of the Fort

· Dhiraj: Patience, Perseverance

· Dharmendra: Protector of Dharma

· Devansh: Part of God

· Divyansh: Divine part, Divine light

· Dhananjay: Arjuna, Wealthy

· Dayanand: Joy of Compassion

· Dileep: King of the Solar Race

· Devanand: Joy of the Gods

· Deepesh: Lord of Light

· Durgeshwar: Lord of the Fort

· Dineshwar: Lord of the Day

· Dharmesh: Lord of Dharma

· Debashish: Pleased by the Gods

· Dilip: King

· Deepansh: Part of Light

· Devanshu: Divine

· Dharmpal: Protector of Dharma

· Devbrat: Dedicated to the Gods

· Damodar: Lord Krishna

· Divyam: Divine, Spiritual

· Deenanath: Lord of the Poor

· Dhiren: Patient, Steady

· Dharmendra: Lord of Righteousness

· Darshan: Sight, Vision

· Deepakshi: Bright-eyed

· Devendra: Lord of the Gods

· Dhanesh: Lord of Wealth

· Devbrata: Bhishma, One who accepts every vow

· Dhanraj: King of Wealth

· Dayaram: Compassionate

· Dhanush: Bow

· Devkumar: Son of God

· Durgadutt: Gift from Goddess Durga

· Devarsh: Divine Sage

· Digvijay: Conqueror of all directions

· Dinkar: Sun, Light

Bihari Popular Baby Boy Names Starting with E

· Ekansh: Whole; complete

· Eklavya: Student who learned from watching

· Eshan: Lord Shiva; ruler; leader

· Eshwar: Lord Shiva; powerful; divine

· Ekam: Oneness; unity

· Ekansh: Single part; whole

· Ekant: Solitude; seclusion

· Ekram: Honor; respect

· Elaksh: One with beautiful eyes

· Elesh: King; lord

· Elvin: Friend of the elves; noble friend

· Elil: Handsome; attractive

· Eshan: Desiring; longing; seeking

· Etash: Luminous; brilliant

· Eshank: Lord Shiva

· Eknath: Devotee of Lord Vishnu

· Eshwaran: Lord Shiva

· Ekramul: Honor of the universe

· Ekavir: The only brave one

· Ekayavan: One who knows the depths

· Ekachakra: Son of King Pandu; another name for Bhima

· Ekapad: Lord Shiva; one-footed

· Ekaansh: Unique; one part

· Eknath: Saint Eknath; poet and saint of Maharashtra

· Eshmit: Blessed with God's love

· Eknayan: One with a single eye; Lord Shiva

· Eshaj: Belonging to God

· Elavarasu: Prince; king of beauty

· Eshankar: Lord Shiva

· Ekata: Unity; oneness

· Ekaksha: One-eyed; Lord Shiva

· Eswar: God; Lord Shiva

· Ehimay: All pervasive; omnipresent

· Ekambar: Lord Shiva; sky-clad

· Eshita: Desired; sought after

· Easwaran: Lord Shiva

· Ekanayak: The only leader; unique leader

· Eshith: Desired; loved

· Ekan: One; only

· Easwaran: Lord Shiva; ruler

Bihari Popular Baby Boy Names Starting with F

· Farhan: Happy, Joyful

· Faizan: Beneficence, Charity

· Firoz: Victorious, Successful

· Faisal: Decisive, Strong

· Fahad: Leopard, Panther

· Faheem: Intelligent, Judicious

· Faraz: Elevation, Ascent

· Faris: Knight, Horseman

· Farhan: Cheerful, Happy

· Faiz: Grace, Bounty

· Faizal: Sword, One who judges

· Fakhar: Pride, Glory

· Faraaz: Height, Elevation

· Fawad: Heart, Soul

· Fazlur: Grace of God

· Firoz: Turquoise, Successful

· Fazal: Generosity, Excellence

· Fariq: Lieutenant General

· Fadil: Virtuous, Excellent

· Faqeer: Poor, Destitute

· Fawwaz: Successful, Prosperous

· Farid: Unique, Incomparable

· Faheem: Understanding, Wise

· Farook: One who can differentiate between right and wrong

· Faisal: Resolute, Determined

· Feroz: Successful, Victorious

· Farman: Command, Order

· Faizan: Abundance, Grace

· Fakhruddin: Pride of the Faith

· Farogh: Splendor, Light

· Fawad: Thought, Heart

· Farishtay: Angels

· Faizaan: Grace, Beauty

· Fazlurrahman: Grace of the Most Merciful

· Fazlullah: Bounty of Allah

· Fawzi: Successful, Triumphant

· Fayyaz: Generous, Bountiful

· Fariduddin: Unique in the Faith

· Faseeh: Eloquent, Fluent

· Fazil: Knowledgeable, Virtuous

Bihari Popular Baby Boy Names Starting with G

· Gagan: Sky; heaven

· Ganesh: Lord of hosts; Lord Ganesha

· Gaurav: Pride; respect

· Gautam: Lord Buddha

· Gopal: Cowherd; Lord Krishna

· Gulshan: Garden; full of flowers

· Gyan: Knowledge; wisdom

· Gajendra: King of elephants

· Govind: Lord Krishna; one who attracts cows

· Gopal: Protector of cows; Lord Krishna

· Gaurav: Dignity; pride

· Gulzar: Rose garden; an inhabited place

· Gyaneshwar: Lord of knowledge

· Ganesh: Son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati; Lord Ganesha

· Gajanan: Elephant-faced; Lord Ganesha

· Gaurishankar: Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati together

· Ganapati: Lord Ganesha; remover of obstacles

· Gopesh: Lord of the cowherds; Lord Krishna

· Govinda: Lord Krishna; one who pleases cows

· Gauravraj: King of pride; one who possesses dignity

· Gulab: Rose; flower

· Gyanesh: Lord of knowledge; Lord Shiva

· Ganapati: Lord Ganesha; Lord of the Ganas

· Gajadhar: One who holds an elephant; Lord Ganesha

· Gagandeep: Light of the sky; lamp of the heavens

· Gaurikant: Husband of Goddess Parvati; Lord Shiva

· Gunjan: Buzzing of a bee; humming

· Gyaneshwar: God of knowledge; Lord Shiva

· Ganapathi: Lord Ganesha; Lord of the Ganas

· Gajadhar: Wielder of the elephant goad; Lord Ganesha

· Gaganvihari: One who wanders in the sky; sky traveler

· Gaurinandan: Son of Goddess Parvati; Lord Ganesh

· Gunaratna: Jewel of virtues; precious gem

· Gyaneshwar: Lord of knowledge; master of wisdom

· Ganeshwar: Lord of the Ganas; Lord Ganesha

· Gajakarna: Elephant-eared; Lord Ganesha

· Gaganeshwar: Lord of the sky; Lord Shiva

· Gauravdeep: Lamp of pride; source of dignity

· Gulrez: Rose garden; abundance of flowers

· Gyananand: Blissful knowledge; delighted in wisdom

Bihari Popular Baby Boy Names Starting with H

· Harsh: Happiness, Joy

· Harshad: Giver of Joy

· Hrithik: From the heart, Intelligent

· Himanshu: Moon, Cool light

· Harshit: Joyous, Happy

· Harendra: Lord Shiva

· Harshil: Cheerful, Happy

· Hemant: Winter, Early morning

· Hriday: Heart, Inner feelings

· Harshvardhan: One who increases happiness

· Hrishikesh: Lord Krishna

· Hrishit: Good, Cheerful

· Hardik: Sincere, Heartfelt

· Harshad: Blessed, Happy

· Harish: Lord Vishnu, God of Shiva

· Harshil: Happy, Joyful

· Hitesh: Lord of Goodness

· Haroon: Hope, Desire

· Hrishi: Pleasure, Sage

· Harsit: Joyful, Happy

· Harjit: Victorious

· Himmat: Courage, Determination

· Harbhajan: Lord's devotee

· Hemanth: Early winter, Snow

· Harsimran: Remembering God with joy

· Harshaan: Happy, Full of joy

· Hemendra: Lord of Gold

· Harkaran: One who does God's work

· Himansh: Part of snow, Cool

· Hridaan: Heart, One with a big heart

· Hardeep: Lamp of God

· Hridayesh: Lord of the heart

· Hasmukh: Full of laughter

· Harilal: Son of Lord Vishnu

· Harkirat: One who sings praises of God

· Hemang: Golden-bodied

· Harvinder: Lord of blessings

· Haresh: Lord Krishna

· Hanuman: The monkey god

· Hiten: Well-wisher

Bihari Popular Baby Boy Names Starting with I

· Ishan: Lord Shiva; the sun

· Ishaan: Lord Shiva; sun; ruler

· Indrajeet: Conqueror of Indra; Lord Hanuman

· Indrajit: Conqueror of Indra; Lord Hanuman

· Ishwar: Supreme God; Lord Shiva

· Ishant: Lord Shiva; one who is victorious

· Indra: King of gods; ruler of the heavens

· Indranil: Lord Shiva; sapphire; blue gemstone

· Ishan: Lord Shiva; sun; ruler

· Irfan: Knowledge; awareness

· Ishaan: Sun; ruler; Lord Shiva

· Ishwar: God; Lord Shiva

· Indrajeet: Lord Indra; conqueror

· Indranil: Sapphire; blue gemstone

· Indrajit: Conqueror of Indra; Lord Hanuman

· Ishant: Victorious; Lord Shiva

· Ishwar: Supreme being; Lord Shiva

· Irfan: Wisdom; knowledge

· Iman: Faith; belief

· Isha: Goddess; ruler

· Iqbal: Prosperity; good fortune

· Ijaz: Miracle; marvel

· Ishraq: Illumination; sunrise

· Inam: Reward; gift

· Imran: Prosperity; long-lived

· Iftikhar: Honor; pride

· Imtiyaz: Distinction; privilege

· Idris: A prophet's name; interpreter

· Irshad: Guidance; advice

· Ismail: Prophet's name; heard by God

· Irfanullah: Knowledge of God; wisdom from Allah

· Ishaq: Prophet's name; laughter

· Ihab: Gift; favor

· Imad: Support; pillar

· Inayat: Kindness; favor

· Imran: Exalted nation; prosperity

· Israr: Secret; mystery

· Imtiaz: Distinction; uniqueness

· Ishaq: Laughter; joy

· Isam: Protector; safeguard

Bihari Popular Baby Boy Names Starting with J

· Jayesh: Victorious, Ruler

· Jai: Victory, Success

· Jatin: One who has matted hair (like Lord Shiva)

· Jagdish: Lord of the Universe

· Javed: Immortal, Eternal

· Jeevan: Life, Soul

· Jagat: World, Universe

· Jugal: Couple, Pair

· Jitendra: One who conquers Indra

· Jignesh: Curiosity, Enthusiasm

· Jaswant: Famous, Renowned

· Jatin: Saintly, Lustrous

· Jagmohan: One who attracts the world

· Jaidev: Lord of Victory

· Jagannath: Lord of the World

· Jatin: Meditative, Calm

· Jivan: Life, Soul

· Jagdish: King of the World

· Jyotirmoy: Full of light

· Jugal: Unique, Pair

· Jayant: Victorious, Triumphant

· Jagrit: Awake, Alert

· Jaimin: Victory, One who has control over his heart

· Jagadeesh: Lord of the World

· Jivan: Breath of Life

· Jagrav: Awake, Aware

· Jugal: Sweetheart, Beloved

· Jyotiranjan: Delightful, Pleasing light

· Jaivant: Victorious, Ever-growing

· Jagravi: Watchful, Attentive

· Jeevesh: Lord of Life

· Japesh: Lord of Chants

· Jasraj: King of Fame

· Jayaprakash: Light of Victory

· Jyotiswar: Lord of Light

· Jaichand: Victory Moon

· Jivitesh: Lord of Life

· Jitendranath: Lord of the Victorious

· Jyotiranjan: Pleasing Light

· Jayendran: Lord of Victory

Bihari Popular Baby Boy Names Starting with K

· Kunal: Lotus; noble one

· Keshav: Another name for Lord Krishna

· Krishna: Lord Krishna; dark-skinned

· Karan: Helper; instrument; intelligent

· Kamal: Lotus; perfection

· Kishan: Lord Krishna; black; dark-skinned

· Kavya: Poetry; literary

· Kalyan: Auspicious; welfare

· Karthik: Another name for Lord Murugan

· Kishore: Young; adolescent

· Kiran: Ray of light; sunbeam

· Kishore: Young; teenager

· Kundan: Pure; gold

· Kailash: Abode of Lord Shiva; name of a mountain

· Karanvir: Brave and generous like Karan; warrior

· Kanhaiya: Another name for Lord Krishna

· Kishore: Youth; adolescent

· Kumar: Prince; youth

· Kaushal: Skillful; proficient

· Kashi: Varanasi; holy city in India

· Kishan: Lord Krishna; black; dark-skinned

· Karthik: Lord Murugan; name of a month in the Hindu calendar

· Kaushik: Another name for Sage Vishwamitra

· Kanhaiya: Lord Krishna

· Kiran: Ray of light; beam of sunlight

· Kishor: Young; teenager

· Kalyan: Auspicious; fortunate

· Kedar: Lord Shiva; a mountain peak

· Karanvir: Brave and generous like Karan; warrior

· Kavi: Poet; wise

· Kripal: Merciful; compassionate

· Kishor: Youthful; adolescent

· Karanvir: Brave warrior; generous like Karan

· Kamlesh: Lord of lotus; Lord Vishnu

· Krishna: Dark-skinned; Lord Krishna

· Kalyan: Good; auspicious

· Kunal: Lotus; intelligent; wise

· Keshav: Lord Krishna; one with beautiful locks of hair

· Kishore: Young; adolescent

· Kiran: Ray of light; sunbeam

Bihari Popular Baby Boy Names Starting with L

· Lalit: Beautiful, Charming

· Lokesh: Lord of the World

· Lakshya: Aim, Target

· Luv: Lord Rama's son

· Loknath: Lord of the Universe

· Lalitkumar: Beautiful Youth

· Lalan: Nurturing, Caring

· Lokendra: Lord of the World

· Lakshman: Brother of Lord Rama

· Lalchand: Red Moon

· Lalitendra: Lord of Beauty

· Lokmanya: Accepted by the World

· Lokpal: Protector of the World

· Lalitkishore: Beautiful and Famous

· Laksh: Aim, Goal

· Lohit: Red, Mars

· Lokanath: Lord of the World

· Lalit Mohan: Beautiful and Attractive

· Lokprakash: Light of the World

· Lakshya: Objective, Goal

· Lalitnath: Lord of Beauty

· Lalitesh: Lord of Beauty

· Luvkush: Sons of Lord Rama

· Lokeshwar: Lord of the World

· Lokranjan: Delighting the World

· Laxman: Brother of Lord Rama

· Lalitmohan: Beautiful and Charming

· Lokenath: Lord of the Universe

· Lalitkant: Beautiful and Precious

· Lokbhushan: Ornament of the World

· Lalti: Beautiful, Lovely

· Loknayan: Eye of the World

· Lalitnandan: Beautiful and Happy

· Lokshray: Protected by the World

· Lokendra: Lord of the World

· Laliteshwar: Lord of Beauty

· Lokapal: Protector of the World

· Lokhari: Master of the World

· Lalitchandra: Beautiful Moon

· Lalitkumar: Beautiful Prince

Bihari Popular Baby Boy Names Starting with M

· Manish: Lord of the mind; God of love

· Mohan: Charming; delightful; attractive

· Mukesh: Lord of the sky; ruler

· Mahesh: Lord Shiva; great ruler

· Manoj: Born of the mind; cupid

· Madhav: Lord Krishna; sweet like honey

· Mohit: Ensnared by beauty; attracted

· Mohanish: Lord Krishna; attractive

· Mahendra: Lord Indra; king of gods

· Manishankar: Lord Shiva; mind and soul

· Mukul: Bud; blossom

· Manik: Gemstone; ruby

· Mohandas: Servant of Mohan (Lord Krishna)

· Manikanta: Lord Ayyappa; one with a gem-like neck

· Manu: Humankind; man

· Mayank: Moon; another name for Lord Krishna

· Mahipal: Protector of the earth; king

· Manvendra: Lord of the mind; king

· Mohanlal: Beautiful; charming

· Mahabir: Great warrior; brave

· Manishwar: Lord of the mind; Lord Shiva

· Mithilesh: Lord of Mithila; King Janaka

· Mukund: Lord Krishna; giver of liberation

· Maheshwar: Lord Shiva; great ruler

· Mohanraj: King of charm; Lord Krishna

· Manan: Reflection; deep thought

· Manishankar: Lord Shiva; mind and soul

· Mohapatra: Lord Jagannath; Lord of the universe

· Mahajan: Great person; noble

· Manthan: Reflection; deep thought

· Mahadev: Lord Shiva; greatest god

· Mohanraj: King of charm; Lord Krishna

· Madhur: Sweet; melodious

· Mithilesh: Lord of Mithila; King Janaka

· Mukundan: Lord Krishna; giver of liberation

· Mahendra: Lord Indra; king of gods

· Manan: Reflection; meditation

· Mohanish: Lord Krishna; attractive

· Madhukar: Bee; honeybee

· Mahipal: Protector of the earth; king

Bihari Popular Baby Boy Names Starting with N

· Nitish: Master of the Right Path

· Niranjan: Spotless, Pure

· Naveen: New, Fresh

· Niraj: Lotus, Born from the Water

· Nandlal: Beloved of Nanda (Lord Krishna)

· Navneet: Fresh, Pure

· Nirbhay: Fearless, Brave

· Nagesh: Lord of Serpents

· Nakul: One of the Pandavas in Mahabharata

· Nihal: Gratified, Contented

· Nirmal: Pure, Clean

· Nandan: Son, Delightful

· Nitesh: Lord of the Night

· Nirmay: Pure, Immaculate

· Nishant: Dawn, End of the Night

· Narendra: King of Men

· Nischal: Calm, Unwavering

· Naresh: King of Men

· Navin: New, Modern

· Nirav: Quiet, Silent

· Neeraj: Lotus, Born from Water

· Nandkishore: Lord Krishna, Son of Nanda

· Nipun: Skilled, Expert

· Nirmohan: Unaffected, Impartial

· Nishit: Sharp, Swift

· Naman: Salutation, Respect

· Nihit: Predestined, Fixed

· Nand: Joyful, Happy

· Nandanandan: Lord Krishna, Son of Nanda

· Nirmay: Spotless, Pure

· Nisarg: Nature, Creation

· Nareshchandra: King of Men

· Neelesh: Lord Krishna, Blue God

· Nikhil: Whole, Complete

· Nandlal: Beloved of Nanda (Lord Krishna)

· Nirmalya: Pure, Untainted

· Naveen: New, Fresh

· Nimit: Destiny, Fate

· Neerav: Quiet, Silent

· Niranjan: Pure, Unstained

Bihari Popular Baby Boy Names Starting with O

· Om: Sacred syllable; divine sound

· Omkar: The sound of the sacred syllable "Om"

· Ojas: Radiance; energy; strength

· Omprakash: Light of "Om"; divine light

· Oviyan: Artist; poet

· Ojasvin: Energetic; radiant

· Ompal: Protector of "Om"; guardian of divine sound

· Omkar: Divine sound; sacred syllable

· Omesh: Lord of the sacred syllable "Om"

· Omkar: Sacred syllable "Om"; divine sound

Bihari Popular Baby Boy Names Starting with P

· Prakash: Light, Radiance

· Prabhat: Morning, Dawn

· Pradeep: Lamp, Light

· Pranav: Sacred syllable OM

· Praveen: Skillful, Competent

· Pranay: Love, Affection

· Pranjal: Honest, Simple

· Prashant: Calm, Peaceful

· Pankaj: Lotus flower

· Pawan: Wind, Air

· Prem: Love, Affection

· Pritam: Beloved, Dear one

· Pratyush: Sunrise, Dawn

· Pranit: Modest, Humble

· Parth: Arjuna, Prince

· Prakashchandra: Moonlight

· Pradosh: Dusk, Evening twilight

· Pratik: Symbol, Sign

· Piyush: Nectar, Ambrosia

· Pranjal: Straightforward, Honest

· Pranit: Leader, Guiding light

· Prashanth: Peaceful, Calm

· Prabodh: Wisdom, Enlightenment

· Parikshit: Examined, Tested

· Prabhakar: Sun, Radiant

· Prashant: Tranquil, Serene

· Pranesh: Lord of Life

· Prithvi: Earth, World

· Pushkar: Lotus, Blue flower

· Pradhyumna: Son of Lord Krishna

· Prasanna: Pleased, Happy

· Prabir: Warrior, Brave

· Pradyumna: Lord Krishna's son

· Parimal: Fragrance, Aromatic

· Prayag: Confluence, Sacred place

· Prayush: Full of life, Vitality

· Pratham: First, Primary

· Prayag: Sacred river

· Praduman: Lord Krishna's name

· Praneet: Modest, Humble

Bihari Popular Baby Boy Names Starting with Q

· Qamar: Moon; lunar

· Qaasim: Divider; distributor

· Qadir: Powerful; capable

· Qaisar: Emperor; king

· Qasim: Divider; distributor

· Qayyum: Sustainer; self-existing

· Qutub: Pivot; axis; pole

· Qudrat: Power; ability

· Quamaruddin: Moon of the religion; honor of faith

· Qutubuddin: Pole of the faith; axis of the religion

Bihari Popular Baby Boy Names Starting with R

· Rajesh: King of Kings

· Rahul: Efficient, Conqueror of Miseries

· Ravi: Sun, Radiant

· Rajendra: King of Kings

· Rakesh: Lord of the Full Moon

· Rohit: Red, Rising Sun

· Rajiv: Lotus, Blue Flower

· Raman: Pleasing, Charming

· Rajat: Silver, Fame

· Ramakant: Beloved of Lord Rama

· Rajeshwar: Lord of Kings

· Raghav: Descendant of Raghu

· Rajnish: King of Night

· Ritesh: Lord of Truth

· Raju: King, Prosperous

· Ravindra: Lord of the Sun

· Rajan: King, Leader

· Rajanikant: Lord of the Night

· Roshan: Bright, Illuminated

· Rajdeep: Light of Kings

· Rishabh: Morality, Superior

· Rajat: Silver, Fame

· Rajkishore: Prince, Ruler

· Rupesh: Lord of Beauty

· Rajanish: Lord of the Night

· Rajyeshwar: Lord of the Kingdom

· Rajdip: King of Light

· Raju: Prosperous, King

· Rajendra: Lord of Kings

· Rajkumar: Prince, Son of a King

· Rupak: Beautiful, Silver

· Rajanand: King of Bliss

· Rajvardhan: One who increases prosperity

· Ranjan: Delightful, Pleasing

· Roshanlal: Bright, Illuminated

· Rajyesh: King of Kings

· Rajashekhar: King of Kings

· Ramnath: Lord Rama, Husband of Sita

· Rajivlochan: Lotus-eyed

· Rishit: The Best, Follower of Saints

Bihari Popular Baby Boy Names Starting with S

· Shyam: Dark; Lord Krishna

· Shivansh: Part of Lord Shiva

· Saurabh: Fragrance; pleasant smell

· Sudhir: Wise; intelligent

· Sushant: Calm; peaceful

· Sushil: Virtuous; well-behaved

· Satish: Lord of truth; truthful

· Subhash: Soft-spoken; well-spoken

· Sumit: Well-mannered; friendly

· Santosh: Contentment; satisfaction

· Suraj: Sun; radiant

· Sagar: Ocean; sea

· Sanjay: Victorious; triumphant

· Saurav: Fragrance; pleasant smell

· Sachin: Pure; essence

· Shashi: Moon; charming

· Shankar: Lord Shiva

· Sharad: Autumn; season

· Siddharth: One who has attained enlightenment

· Satyam: Truth; honesty

· Sunil: Dark blue; sapphire

· Santosh: Satisfaction; contentment

· Sumeet: Good friend; harmony

· Shivam: Auspicious; sacred

· Surajit: One who has conquered the sun

· Sudeep: Bright; illuminated

· Suman: Flower; good-hearted

· Sanjeev: Full of life; alive

· Saurav: Fragrance; pleasant smell

· Sudhanshu: Moon; camphor

· Subodh: Good sense; wise

· Sarthak: Meaningful; successful

· Satish: Lord of truth; righteous

· Shubham: Auspicious; good luck

· Sagar: Ocean; sea

· Sanjit: Victorious; triumphant

· Shivendra: Lord Shiva; king of gods

· Sumit: Friendly; well-mannered

· Sujit: Victorious; winner

· Sudhir: Wise; intelligent

Bihari Popular Baby Boy Names Starting with T

· Tarun: Youthful, Energetic

· Tanmay: Engrossed, Absorbed

· Trilok: Three Worlds (Heaven, Earth, and Hell)

· Tapan: Sun, Summer

· Tarak: Star, Protector

· Tilak: Mark, Symbol

· Tushar: Frost, Winter

· Tanish: Ambition, Desire

· Tirth: Sacred Place, Holy River

· Tushar: Snow, Cold as Ice

· Tanay: Son, Born of

· Tejas: Radiance, Brilliance

· Tapas: Meditation, Penance

· Tribhuvan: Lord of the Three Worlds

· Taraknath: Lord Shiva

· Tausif: Empathy, Compassion

· Trishanku: A Mythological King

· Tarunesh: Lord of Youthfulness

· Tanav: Concentration, Deep Meditation

· Tirthankar: Jain God, Holy Person

· Taruneshwar: Lord of Youthfulness

· Tarakeshwar: Lord Shiva

· Trilokesh: Lord of the Three Worlds

· Tapasvi: Ascetic, One who Practices Austerity

· Taruneshwar: Lord of Youth

· Tarakesh: Lord Shiva

· Toshan: Satisfaction, Contentment

· Trishul: Trident, Weapon of Lord Shiva

· Tanmay: Engrossed, Absorbed

· Tarunraj: King of Youth

· Tanishq: Jewel, Precious

· Tilaknath: Lord Shiva

· Tapaswin: Meditative, Ascetic

· Tarachand: Star, Moon

· Taran: Raft, Savior

· Tanvir: Enlightened, Illuminated

· Trigun: Three Qualities (Sattva, Rajas, Tamas)

· Tapish: Sun, Warmth

· Tarunendra: Lord of Youth

· Tusharkant: Moon, Lord Shiva

Bihari Popular Baby Boy Names Starting with U

· Ujjwal: Bright; luminous

· Umesh: Lord Shiva

· Uday: Sunrise; dawn

· Upendra: Lord Vishnu; brother of Indra

· Uttam: Excellent; best

· Utsav: Celebration; festival

· Udayan: Rising; name of a king

· Udit: Grown; prosperous

· Ujjawal: Bright; radiant

· Upkar: Beneficial; kind

· Udayachal: Eastern horizon; sunrise

· Umakant: Lord Shiva; husband of Uma (Parvati)

· Upasana: Worship; devotion

· Utkarsh: Progress; growth

· Udbhav: Origin; creation

· Utsah: Enthusiasm; zeal

· Uddhav: Lord Krishna's friend; great devotee

· Umeshwar: Lord Shiva

· Umakant: Husband of Goddess Parvati; Lord Shiva

· Utpal: Lotus; water lily

· Uddhav: Lord Krishna's friend; devoted to God

· Umang: Enthusiasm; excitement

· Upendra: Lord Vishnu; brother of Indra

· Udayan: Rising; name of a king

· Udit: Grown; prosperous

· Ujjwal: Bright; radiant

· Utsav: Celebration; festivity

· Uttam: Best; excellent

· Upkar: Benevolence; kindness

· Umeshwar: Lord Shiva; husband of Parvati

· Umakant: Consort of Uma; Lord Shiva

· Utkarsh: Progress; development

· Udbhav: Source; origin

· Utsah: Enthusiasm; eagerness

· Ujjwal: Bright; luminous

· Umesh: Lord of Uma (Parvati); Lord Shiva

· Upendra: Lord Vishnu; younger brother of Indra

· Udayan: Rising; name of a king

· Udit: Risen; awakened

· Utkarsh: Growth; progress

Bihari Popular Baby Boy Names Starting with V

· Vikram: Valor, Power

· Vishal: Grand, Magnificent

· Vijay: Victory, Triumph

· Vipul: Abundant, Vast

· Vivek: Wisdom, Discrimination

· Vinay: Modesty, Humility

· Vimal: Pure, Clean

· Virendra: Lord of Heroes

· Vijayendra: King of Victory

· Vaibhav: Prosperity, Wealth

· Varun: God of Water

· Vasant: Spring, Season

· Vikrant: Powerful, Courageous

· Vikramaditya: Sun of Power

· Vardhan: Enhancing, Increasing

· Vibhavasu: The Sun, Fire

· Vedant: End of the Vedas, Philosophy

· Vimalraj: Pure King

· Vipin: Forest, Woods

· Vishnu: Lord Vishnu, Preserver of the Universe

· Viren: Brave, Heroic

· Vasantkumar: Prince of Spring

· Vipulkumar: Expansive, Extensive

· Veerendra: Lord of the Brave

· Vicky: Victorious, Conqueror

· Vimaldev: Divine Purity

· Vinod: Joy, Pleasure

· Vinayak: Lord Ganesha, Leader

· Vasudev: Lord Krishna, God of Wealth

· Vibhas: Brightness, Shine

· Vijayant: Victorious, Conqueror

· Vaman: Dwarf, Incarnation of Lord Vishnu

· Vishesh: Special, Unique

· Vasu: Wealth, Light

· Vidyadhar: Knowledgeable, Scholar

· Vimalnath: Pure Lord

· Vikas: Development, Progress

· Vachaspati: Lord of Speech, Eloquent

· Vinayendra: Lord of Humility

· Virenjeet: Victorious Hero

Bihari Popular Baby Boy Names Starting with W

· Waman: Short form of Lord Vishnu; dwarf incarnation

· Wajid: Lover; enthusiastic

· Wahid: Unique; singular

· Waqar: Dignity; respect

· Waheed: Unique; exclusive

· Wali: Protector; friend

· Wazir: Minister; advisor

· Wahiduddin: Unique in religion; exclusive faith

· Waris: Heir; successor

· Wasim: Graceful; handsome

Bihari Popular Baby Boy Names Starting with X

· Xavier: Bright, Splendid

· Xerxes: Ruler, King

· Xavian: Bright, New House

· Xander: Defender of Mankind

· Xavi: Splendid, New House

· Xylon: Wood, Forest

· Xayden: Bright, Dawn

· Xeraphim: Heavenly Being

· Xylander: Protector of the Forest

· Xachary: God has Remembered

Bihari Popular Baby Boy Names Starting with Y

· Yogesh: Lord of Yoga; Lord Shiva

· Yash: Fame; glory

· Yuvraj: Prince; heir apparent

· Yashwant: One who has fame; glorious

· Yatin: Devotee; ascetic

· Yashpal: Protector of fame; caretaker of glory

· Yoganand: Delighted with meditation; blissful

· Yuvan: Youthful; energetic

· Yajat: Lord Shiva; worshiped

· Yashas: Fame; success

· Yashodhan: Wealth of fame; famous

· Yagna: Sacred ritual; sacrifice

· Yatharth: True; reality

· Yashraj: King of fame; ruler of glory

· Yatin: Ascetic; devotee

· Yagnesh: Lord of sacrifice; Lord Vishnu

· Yudhishthir: Eldest of the Pandavas; righteous

· Yogendra: Lord of Yoga; Lord Shiva

· Yashvir: Brave; courageous

· Yuvaksh: Young; youthful

· Yashank: Glorious; auspicious

· Yatish: Lord of devotees; leader of ascetics

· Yuvak: Youth; young man

· Yagna: Sacred ritual; offering

· Yashovardhan: Enhancer of glory; one who adds fame

· Yogi: One who practices Yoga; ascetic

· Yashmit: Famous; glorious

· Yasharth: Righteousness; purpose

· Yashpal: Protector of fame; caretaker of glory

· Yatharth: True; real

· Yagnik: One who performs Yagna; sacrificial

· Yashwant: One who has fame; glorious

· Yaman: Restrainer; lord of death

· Yashodhan: Wealth of fame; rich in glory

· Yashraj: King of fame; ruler of glory

· Yudhajit: Victor in war; conqueror

· Yukt: United; skilled

· Yagneshwar: Lord of sacrificial fire; Lord Vishnu

· Yasharth: Meaningful; righteous

· Yatishwar: Lord of devotees; leader of ascetics

Bihari Popular Baby Boy Names Starting with Z

· Zain: Beautiful, Grace

· Zaheer: Helper, Supporter

· Zayan: Bright, Radiant

· Ziyad: Abundance, Increase

· Zohaib: Leader, King

· Zorawar: Brave, Fearless

· Zafar: Victory, Triumph

· Zaigham: Lion, Leader

· Zayn: Beauty, Grace

· Zafer: Victorious, Triumphant

· Zorba: Vigorous, Enthusiastic

· Zaviyar: Brave, Courageous

· Zainul: Beauty, Elegance

· Zayyan: Adornment, Ornament

· Zuber: Strong, Powerful

· Ziyad: Abundance, Growth

· Zafran: Saffron, Fragrance

· Zayed: Prosperous, Abundance

· Zulfiqar: Sword of Ali

· Ziyaan: Ornament, Decoration

· Zahir: Bright, Shining

· Zafir: Victorious, Successful

· Zoha: Morning light, Radiance

· Zayd: Increase, Growth

· Zia: Light, Splendor

· Zeshan: Distinguished, Eminent

· Zayid: Abundance, Growth

· Zulfikar: Sword, Cleaver

· Zimran: Song, Praise

· Zafarullah: Victory of Allah

· Zainuddin: Beauty of the Religion

· Zulqarnain: Possessor of Two Horns

· Ziaul-Haque: Light of Truth

· Zaki: Intelligent, Pure

· Zafreen: Victorious, Successful

· Zaydan: Abundance, Growth

· Zahiruddin: Brightness of the Religion

· Zohaib: Leader, Chief

· Zakiullah: Pureness of Allah

· Zafarali: Victorious, Exalted

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